TEKTOK Podcast - EP028 - A Review on Interaction - Sweet TEK Pick - iPad Pro 9.7" with Smart Keyboard

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was The iPad Pro 9.7" with Smart Keyboard for iOS.

There was nothing wrong with my iPad Air 2 model. But I was intrigued by the Pro model for a couple of reasons. The first was of course the Apple Pencil compatibility. I was curious to see how well it actually it performed. However, once I had it, I was surprised by how little I used it. But the Smart Keyboard? That's another story entirely. I've had my share of keyboard cases on iPads before. None of the them lasted long. Frustrations with clunky, awkward design and inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity just made for a frustrating and annoying experience. Apple's take on the keyboard resolves both those concerns for me by creating a very minimal keyboard case serving double duty as a Smart Cover and offers a seamless instant connection via Smart Connector. The fact that the keyboard does not have to be charged is also a bonus as it takes away the concern that you may not have the juice you need when youneed it. Oh, and no additional cables to carry out around with you. Love.

Another big plus for the Pro is the True Tone display. It really is a phenomenal thing and it makes for the best viewing experience I have ever had on any screened device.

On the fence about upgrading? I understand. It's quite a financial commitment. But the deeply satisfying experience has made the financial hit one easier to bear.