TEKSide Mix-May 2016

May's playlist takes me down memory lane. My favorite show is Friends. On May 6, 2014 the last episode aired, which, my best friend and I watched (religiously) every Thursday. In last months post I mentioned sharing a cover every month, this months: I'll Be There For You (Friends Theme Song) by Boyce Avenue. Boyce Avenue is a rock band whose YouTube channel I stumbled upon a couple of years ago. They cover a lot of songs as well as original content. 

The rest of the songs are a mix of moods. Happy, sad, dark, love lost, new love. They tend to stick to a genre since I'm a slave to Discover Weekly tab on Spotify. There is a repeat offender from last month. Yuna. Chapters, her new album, was released late into this month but I had to include a song. Her voice is just so beautiful!

I've been a victim of iTunes slash Apple Music's black magic. I enabled it and all my music and playlists disappeared. Years of procrastination down the drain. After picking up the pieces of my shattered heart, I went through the lovely task of downloading 30GB's of music. Once I synced it all to my iPhone and shuffled music, I started listening to songs I'd skipped for years or that had gotten lost in the vortex of music/playlists. One of those was My Little Love by The Weepies. They're my favorite duo! I listened to it so much I had to include it to share the magic that are The Weepies with you readers. So thanks iTunes for re-surfacing that gem for my listening pleasure but ... don't help me ever again. 

Give it a listen and do as Frankie Say, Relax.

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