iOSDocked - EP098 - Naked & Liberated - iLike MacID

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was MacID.

MacID is a handy little utility that allows you to quickly unlock your Mac from your iPhone, your iPad or even your Apple Watch.

The usefulness of this app is explained perfectly on the app’s homepage. Here is the excerpt:

Harnessing Touch ID on iOS, MacID is a fast, secure way to unlock your Mac without the inconvenience of typing your password over and over.

Packed full of features, including innovative Tap to Unlock and full iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch support. Control audio, share clipboards and start screensavers.

MacID offers automatic locking when you’re away from your Mac, and multiple ways to unlock, including automatically when you return to your Mac with Proximity Wake.

No other unlocking app gives you so much choice, and MacID will never connect to the internet without your consent, for your peace of mind.

For $3.99, you can harness this power. I found it to be a relatively inexpensive way to save my most precious commodity- my time.