TEKSide Mix-April 2016

There isn’t a song or playlist you can’t find that relates to how you feel right this second. That’s one of the beauties of music, the relatable aspect. The great C.S Lewis said, “We read to know we are not alone.” I’ve always applied that to music as well. Like books, you can use it to escape, laugh, cry and to socially interact with others as well. 

I now have the wonderful opportunity to bring you,readers, a monthly playlist and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been heavily into music since about my ninth Christmas when I received my first Sony Walkman Portable CD Player. It was for years my most prized possession. For birthdays or Christmases, my parents would gift me Costco sized Duracell bulks because it was what I “needed” most. My seventeenth birthday my parents gifted me an 80GB Apple iPod Classic. Love is too small of a word to describe my feelings for that thing (which I still have, as a paperweight)

Over the years, obviously, my taste in music has changed. I no longer loop Hip-Hop/Rap like I can totally relate (although they do make an amazing workout playlist). Nowadays I tend to listen to a lot of Alternative, Indie, New Artists, various EP’s. I will admit an unhealthy obsession with cover songs. No idea where it came from and I truly can’t explain it. There’s certain artists that I nix from my personal preference but if their songs are covered, I dig. Due to my love for them, I decided to include one every month. The one for this month is very well known by a not hugely known artists: Here Comes the Sun (covered) by Yuna. The instruments and her voice just blend beautifully. I often browse iTunes Music (am I the only left that utilizes that service?) and sample all new music, the ‘related to’ tab is my best friend. Through those two options I found Aquilo (alternative duo from England) and Halsey (first studio album released last year) and they’ve been in heavy rotation lately. My favorite Aquilo song is included in this playlist and Halsey’s newest, which I shamelessly had on repeat for an hour. 

I’ve gone back and forth on the buying my music (to support artists) and Spotify. Right now Spotify is in the lead for one reason: Discovery Weekly and Top Recommendations For You. It’s always on point! It’s how I find most music and artists I’ve never even heard of. Truly the only reason I’m a premium member. Who has time for commercials when a collection is reaching the depths of your soul?!  Of course, those two wonderful features give life to April’s Playlist. It’s very me, but I played for other who’s music taste is polar opposite and they’ve taken one or two new favorites out of the list. Which is what  I hope it does for you guys as well. EarPods in, world out!

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