iOSDocked - EP097 - Not 98 Just Yet - iLike Day One 2.0

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Day One 2.0

I have been a Day One user for years. Several hundred journal entries later and I haven't even bothered to look elsewhere for my journaling needs. In my opinion, Day One is one of the most elegant and well crafted applications I have ever used. The feature set is full but not so full the user gets overwhelmed with options. Whether you want to journal your thoughts, lists, locations, photos, fitness data, music or just use Day One as a personal blogging tool, Day One is both a breeze and a joy to use. 

With the recent update to version 2.0, more enhancements and usable features have been added which bring more functionality without changing the core of what the app is intended to be. Now you can keep, organize and customize any number of journals you want. You can add multiple photos to a post where just one doesn't capture the memory or idea. There is so much more to love about Day One 2.0 and for $4.99, you can find out for yourself.