TEKTOK Podcast - EP024 - Tracking & Tweeting - Sweet TEK Pick - Riptide GP2

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Riptide GP2 for iOS

I don't do a lot of gaming. I mostly enjoy casual games that I can get in an out of rather quickly. Enter Riptide GP2, a game that is just as convenient as a I need it to be and just as fun as anything else you will find on iOS.

Riptide is a water racing game complete with player vs. player mode, online play, career mode and more. It's playable on the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple TV. Whether you have an afternoon free or just a couple minutes, you can race your friends via Game Center or just continue where you left off in unique and fun challenges. Personally, I have had a blast racing friends and coworkers in real time multiplayer mode. Other times, I simply just work on my own career earning points and money to learn new abilities and trick out my jet ski. I highly recommend this game to anyone. There are in-app purchases but nothing in your face. You don't feel as though you need to spend money to actually enjoy this game to the fullest. At $1.99, it's a great buy. Enjoy.