TEKSide Mix-November 2016

November's playlist is all over the place. I've included two covers because, once again, I couldnt decide. There's two Christmas songs, a couple of acoustic ones and something with a little more beat.

I stuck with iTunes this month and gave a listen to most songs in the 'New From Your Artists' section. It is where I saw a covers album from Jillian Edwards and a Christmas one by The Sweeplings. I gave both of them a couple of repeats and chose my favorites for this playlist. Spotify (finally) added a Spotify Sessions section which includes playlists from their Studio Sessions. In one of those, the covers playlist, I fell in love with James Bay covering Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You"... If you have Spotify, it's a great section to check out. 

I hope you all find something that makes you bop along! 

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