TEKSide Mix-October 2016

October's playlist slows it down quite a bit. In comparison to our Summer playlists, that is. This is the month for scarves, pumpkins, and all the leaves falling off trees. I decided to go with an acoustics, very Fall inspired collection. Is as Fall as I can get in California. I'll still take it!

At the end of October a couple of my favorite artists released new content. Even though they're new, I had to include them. They've been on replay for days!  Now, Wet (an indie pop group) has been my most listened to in 2016. I will be seeing them live soon and they just released two tracks. Due to the upcoming show, they've been all I've listened to these last few weeks. I included one of their new songs and an older one from their first EP.

Samuel Beam AKA Iron & Wine delivers this months cover song. He covered 'Time After Time' by Cindi Lauper. Of course the original is amazing but this one doesn't disappoint or butcher it. 

The last week of October was the most enjoyable "Discover Weekly" of the month. Is where the a couple of the other songs came from. 

I hope you all enjoy this months selection. 

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