TEKSide Mix-September 2016

September's Playlist features James Bay twice and new artwork! All playlists (previous months have been updated) will feature a picture that represents that month along with the TEKSide Mix Logo. Great new idea brought to you by our founder, Clay Russell

MacOS Sierra introduced a couple of changes to iTunes. To try and better acquaint myself with it, I mainly listened to my personal library. Like Spotify, there are suggestions based on favorite artists and, of course, purchased content. One of these suggestions was James Bay's  Let It Go Live. I love this song (I actually got it as the "Free Single of the Week"  from iTunes), and with a few exceptions, live versions of songs tend to be my favorite. A suggestion from iTunes was KT Tunstall's new album, Kin. I saw one featuring James Bay and, as they say, the rest is history. 

The cover of the month is brought to you by Tumblr and those people that have playlists/songs automatically play. Those are the ones that get me dramatically clicking the close tab immediately. This was the first time I didn't mind it. It was soft and soothing! The song is Stand by Me by Florence & the Machine. This can be found in the album no one would think to look; in the Final Fantasy soundtrack to Original by Ben E. King

Hope you all enjoy!

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