TEKTOK Podcast - EP022 - Pour 1 Out/Sweet TEK Pick - 2Do

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was 2Do for iOS and Mac OS X

I never thought it would happen. But it did. Omnifocus has been replaced on all my devices. And it's been replaced with an app even more powerful. I'm busy. I'm very busy. If I did not feel like I was in complete control of my life, I would lose my mind. 2Do helps me quickly collect, organize and display what tasks are important at just the right time. In short, it gives me the organizational control and power that a business man and a father needs. From big projects to mundane tasks, 2Do can handle anything you ask of it. Throw in functionality like repeated checklists, location based tagging and baked in URL scheme integration and it becomes a no-brainier for anyone serious about managing their life in the most efficient and effective way imaginable. I highly recommend this app. Hit the links above to get 2Do on all your iOS and Mac OS X devices.

Oh yeah. And watchOS too.