TEKSide's Favorite Apps of the Year

Clay Russell

With Mailbox support officially dead, Spark will continue to be a top app of mine in 2016 just as it was in the latter half of 2015. It now has added snooze option customizations, one of my favorite features that allowed Mailbox to hold me hostage as long as it did. Spark has broke me free of those chains and has opened the doors wide open to what is capable in regard to email management on iOS. There is still more on my feature wishlist, but the team behind Spark's development leaves little doubt that one by one, the boxes will all be checked. Spark has made email not suck. I can't thank Readdle enough for that. That's why it gets my pick for 2015 iOS App of the Year.

Ellyn McNamara

Sattva mediation App is not only on my home screen but on the launcher. It's the app that I use first thing in the morning and the last one I use before bed on my iPhone. I am a meditator. After being out of the habit of meditating for some time I wanted to become regular in meditation again. Sattva helps you accomplish that with reminders and a social network of friends and like minded people to encourage you along the way. You can take your heart rate before and after meditation, tell the app what mood you're in before and after meditation as well. You can meditate on your own, with a timer or with free or in app purchase meditation routines within the App. The leader board lets you know where you are amongst your friends in daily/weekly meditation. You can also receive various badges for length of meditations amount of sessions completed, 7, 21, 40 day meditation challenges completed and more. There's more to this app than meets the eye. If you are a mediator or want to be one check this app out for a little help along the way.

Jerry Goldbaum

So many excellent apps made their way to the home screens on my iOS devices. Picking one as the best is a difficult proposition at best, considering I use many on a day to day basis. However, one app has impressed me with functionality and a feature set that I leverage on both a personal and professional level, and that app is Microsoft OneNote. Yes, you read correctly, OneNote. A basic note application has been updated throughout the year with productivity features, the latest being handwriting on the iPad version. With this feature, I have been able to shed all my other note-taking applications and standardize on OneNote. It is my primary personal and professional note taking app. Whether it is simple text notes, web clippings, secure information, or hand written meeting notes, OneNote does it all and does it with a UI and UX I have come to really appreciate. Plus it has the added benefit of compatibility with the Windows platform if need be. I run OneNote on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac and commend Microsoft for putting out an excellent product. And heck, Outlook on iOS isn't so bad either (my primary email client on my iOS devices)! Well done Microsoft.

Danny Tammaro

There are a lot of apps I use everyday. They vary from games to productivity to social networking to photo editing. It is so difficult to choose which app is my favorite this year but I'm going with Tweetbot 4 Tweetbot is a very popular Twitter client that was updated this year from version 3. The update not only brought iOS 9 functionality but also brought a long awaited iPad update. The app was recently updated with blazing fast sync between iOS and Mac devices. The app has great sharing features, is easy to set up and use. Tweetbot is my go to for social networking and finding out all of the latest news. This is a must have app for the Twitter addict.