TEKTOK Podcast - EP014 - Instant Gratification is Expensive/Sweet TEK Pick - Drafts 4 for Apple Watch

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Drafts 4 - Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere!.

I have been using Drafts for quite some time now. It serves as a capturing place for all text related material until I can batch process and send that text to its final destination whether that be a new calendar entry, an Omnifocus task, a shopping list to Clear or even a new blog entry. Heck, I'm using Drafts to write this piece.

But now, I also have access to Drafts from my wrist, thanks to the Apple Watch companion app. I simply open the app, voice dictate the text and I'm done.

The phone used to be the device that was always with me. With the Apple Watch, that is no longer the case. It's the watch that is always with me and it's extremely convenient to make it my own personal inbox for collecting thoughts. You should check out Drafts 4 for yourself and get a feel for it. Who knows, maybe it could make your life easier as it does mine.