TEKTOK Podcast - EP013 - The Future is Cloudy/Sweet TEK Pick - The New MacBook

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the The New MacBook from Apple.

There were two things I had to have when updating from my aging MacBook Air. I wanted a bigger SSD and a Retina display. With the new MacBook from Apple, I got just that and quite a bit more.

While not the most powerful machine, the latest product in Apple's legendary laptop line is more than capable of handling my needs as a Mac user. I browse the web, I post blog entries to my network's website and I create, view and edit reports and spreadsheets. The most power sucking tasks I perform on Mac would probably be the editing I do in Garage Band before publishing a new podcast. But the new MacBook has proven to be quite capable of doing that as well with no noticeable slow down. What else does this technical marvel offer? It allows me to work in quiet and in style. Thanks to a fan-less build and it's strikingly slim design, I definitely feel like I'm living in the future.

The new MacBook comes with a price tag many may find unfavorable for what it offers. But for me? It offers everything I was looking for in my next Mac and then some.