iOSDocked - EP083 - Dongles For My Dongles/i-Like the New Macbook

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was the new Macbook announced by Apple at their recent Spring Forward event

The new Macbook is more than perfect for my needs. I currently use the 11" Macbook Air as my daily driver. This laptop has been an amazing device for my use case. It's extremely portable, has extra long battery life, and is a well built reliable machine. 

However, my wife is looking for a laptop to replace the now dead original Macbook Air she has been using for years. So she is happily accepting my current laptop so that I may upgrade to the latest and greatest addition to the Apple device lineup. 

So why the new Macbook? I am completely content with the 11" Air, but this newer model enhances that positive experience by including a Retina display and twice the SSD size of my current laptop. It's even more portable due to the impossible small size yet offers more screen real estate and a larger keyboard. And the price, I believe at $1299? This marvel of technology is priced perfectly. 

April can't get here quick enough.