TEKTOK Podcast - EP020 - Durabilty, Usability, Utility & Retention/Sweet TEK Pick - Beddit Sleep Tracker

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the The Beddit Sleep Tracker

I'm a data hoarder. I love to track all kinds of statistics as it relates to my personal life. I also like to sleep, though I never seem to get enough. I love it when things I love come together and that happened for me with the Beddit Sleep Tracker. You don't have to wear the device. Simply adhere it to your mattress where the flat band lies where your chest would normally be, then open the Beddit app and connect via Bluetooth. Then sleep. Wake up in the morning with a "Sleep Score" and a collection of sleep data automatically sent to Health Kit (should you grant it permission).

The Beddit Sleep Tracker knows when you are just lying in bed, when you are actually sleeping, how deep the sleep is and your heartbeat and breathing patterns during that sleep. Other features include a smart alarm that will wake you up in the midst of a light sleep cycle around the time you set. The alarms are pleasant to listen to with a gentle fade in option if you so desire. Finally, there is companion Smart Watch app for setting up a quick power nap.

This device is great. I'm more aware of my sleep habits (or lack thereof) then ever before and like the Apple Watch nudges me to be more active, the Beddit Sleep Tracker reminds me of the importance off good rest. $149 is all it takes to get the complete setup. Enjoy.

Let me know your thoughts should you decide to take the plunge.