2 Killer Fantastical Based Launch Center Pro Actions

For you productivity nuts out there always looking for time saving hacks, here are a couple to add to your arsenal. They both require two apps: Fantastical & Launch Center Pro. This is not a tutorial post on how to use these apps. There are plenty of those floating around the web already. But anyway, here they are:

Itinerary Builder and Contact

Itinerary Builder was created to help me schedule my work week in advance using pre-created event templates. Simply use the Launch Center Pro action and substitute the place holder "events", "locations" and "calendars" with your own data. The action uses Fantastical to build the itinerary.

Contact was created to help me quickly schedule a reminder to connect with a person in my contact list at a later time or date. It's extremely useful and lightning fast. Use Launch Center Pro to initiate the action and let Fantastical do the rest.

I hope this proves useful to others out there in need of something similar.