iOSDocked - EP092 - 3D Touchin' It/i-Like iOS 9

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was iOS 9.

iOS 8 was ok. It was a nice change of pace for Apple to open up iOS and give us amazing new features. Widgets, Share Extensions, and the ability to reply to notifications right from Notification Center were just a few of the several new features that really opened up the door what was possible on my favorite platform. But with all that was given to us, something was lost. Our good friends who have been with us from inception seemed to go missing. That's right. I'm talking about stability and reliability.

iOS 9 brought our friends back. My frustration with the platform has all but vanished and things are working like they are supposed to again. The platform is not quite perfect, but it's much closer than it was a year ago. Somehow, Apple not only brought back stability and reliability but they brought two new friends with them including a proactive Siri and a smarter Spotlight. All this comes together wrapped in a sexy new font choice making the platform a joy to look at and a pleasure to use once again.

So yeah. I like iOS 9. How are you liking it? Satisfied?