iOSDocked - EP081 - The Midnight Men/i-Like Kanvas Keyboard for iOS

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Kanvas Keyboard for iOS.

I am normally not that big on 3rd party keyboards as I feel the stock still has better functionality and usability compared to what else is out there. There are a lot of gimmicky keyboards available that provide functionality that the stock keyboard does not. But most of them are 1-trick ponies. Kanvas Keyboard has managed to do something that no one else really has. They have combined all these gimmicks into 1 keyboard giving you access to emoji, memes, GIFs, doodles, stickers and photos and they did so in a way that is not only organized and easy to learn but fun. Did I mention the app is free? The more you use Kanvas Keyboard, the more coins you earn to unlock sticker and doodle packs and whatever fun buried treasure is the shop. Give this keyboard a download. It doesn't need to be your primary keyboard, but it does need to be on your device.