iOSDocked EP 71 iLike: Danny's Pick - Square Trade

Square Trade is a third party insurance program for your new  electronic devices. They offer a variety of plan options. I picked up Square Trade a few days after i picked up my iPone 5S and I am happy I did. Here's what happened to me...

A few weeks ago I was at my Aunt & Uncles house with my son. He was having so much fun jumping into the pool that I wanted to recored a video and sent it to my wife as she wasn't there yet. My phone was sitting on the table in a Lifeproof case, I put in in there knowing I would use it in the pool, and asked my son to grab it before he jumped into the pool again.  

As he grabbed the phone and started running towards me he stopped, looked at me, laughed and tossed it into the pool.  My Aunt & uncle let out a scream as they thought my phone was ruined.  I stood there in the pool laughing at their reaction.  I said no worries its in a waterproof case. I picked it up, shook it off like nothing was wrong.  That's when I saw water inside the case. Turns out the charger door gasket was missing.

So I did the normal thing to do, bury the phone in rice. There wasn't a lot of water in the case so I figured that the rice would work. I was wrong. The phone kept power cycling on its own. I wasn't too worried because I knew I have coverage for accidental damage.  

I called up Square Trade and spoke to a very helpful man. I explained to him what happened and he giggled a little when I said my 3 year old tossed in into the pool. He started the claim and asked me if I would like a phone overnighted to me, no charge outside of the deductible, or if I wanted to be reimbursed for the repair cost. Since this happened on a Saturday I would have to have waited until Monday or possibly Tuesday for a new phone to be overnighted to me so I opted to be reimbursed for the repair. I told him what store I would be going to for the repair and when I would be going.  

Normally there is a $50.00 decidable (has since been raised to $75.00) but the gentleman I spoke with said he would waive the deductible since this was my first offense in 2 years.  

I went to the Apple Store Sunday morning, got the phone swapped out and emailed the receipt to Square Trade that night. By 11:00am on Monday, the money was sitting in my PayPal account.  

The Pros:

  • 3 year coverage is $129.00.  Thats $30.00 more the AppleCare+ but you are getting an extra year.  
  • The deductible is $75.00, $4.00 less then AppleCare+ and up to $25.00 less then carrier insurance
  • Easily transfer the plan to another owner if you sell your device
  • Reward point program

The Cons:

  • Does not cover theft, only carrier insurance plans do
  • Must be purchased with in 30 days, AppleCare+ is now within 90 days

I absolutely recommend everyone to get Square Trade coverage on their next device. They cover more then just phones.  Their customer service is very friendly and they are very responsive.  

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