iOSDocked - EP070 - Revolution/i-Like FOXNow & Dislike AMC Mobile for iOS

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was FXNow and my i-Dislike was AMC Mobile for iOS. 

FXNow has such great programming and they make full episodes of all seasons of their shows currently airing available with limited commercials. All that is required is your cable provider login details. Although the reviews haven't been great, the negative comments aren't directed at the design of the app itself.

You would think the same would apply for AMC Mobile but not so, not only are full episodes not available to watch inside the app, but my cable provider details won't give me access either even though it is a channel I have in my cable lineup. Visit the link above and just read a few of the reviews. They may have been better off to not release an app at all. This is disappointing because AMC also has amazing programming. 

So one company gets it right and another gets it completely wrong. 

Care to comment? Let me know what cable TV apps reside on your device and which ones are still missing that you would like to see make their way to iOS.