TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 8/13-8/19

This week was surprisingly quiet on the news and rumors.  Things should kick up a bit, September 9th is getting closer...

Apple Store's to offer carrier financing

9to5Mac has obtained documentation showing Apple Store's will offer carrier financing on iPhone purchases.  

This would be huge for Apple. Apple Store employees would be able to persuade buyers into the latest and greatest phones for a few extra bucks a month. I would take advantage of this in a heartbeat.

Apple airs two new iPad commercials

Musicians Luke Wang and Peter Feng formed Yaoband on a shared vision of musical experimentation. Inspired by the real life sounds of modern China, they developed a genre-bending electropop style that evolves with each beat. iPad helps them capture, record, and perform their innovative music.
Every Monday rain or shine, thousands of people hop on their bikes and hit the streets of Detroit for Slow Roll - one of the largest group bike rides in the US. And it all started when cofounder Jason Hall took an idea, reached for his iPad, and just rolled with it.

iWatch team members confirm "Special Projects" at Apple

Jay Blahnik & Divya Nag have updated their LinkedIn profile to specify they are working in the Special Projects group at Apple. Both members were added to Apple over the past year, Blahnik in July 2013 and Nag in April 2014, and are rumored to be working on HealthKit and government approvals. Apple is expected to release a new product in October.


Apple bans two chemicals from their devices

Apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals, benzene and n-hexane, in the final assembly of iPhones and iPads. Apple completed a 4 month investigation at 22 factories and found no evidence the chemicals were causing any damage to the roughly 500,000 employees. Statement from Apple:

"Eliminating the risks from toxic substances in the products we all use has always been a passion of mine, and today it is one of our top three environmental priorities here at Apple. We continue to lead the industry in this area as we are committed to keeping both people and the environment healthy. That’s why we’ve removed many harmful substances from our product designs and go to great lengths to make sure they stay that way.
Our pursuit has led to the creation of greener materials and more earth-friendly products, like power cords made without PVC, mercury-free displays, and enclosures that don’t contain brominated flame retardants (BFRs).
We require our suppliers to follow our Regulated Substances Specification and we hold our supply chain responsible with rigorous testing, by our own experts as well as independent labs. And today, for the first time, we are releasing our Regulated Substances Specification to the public.
Recently, we received some questions about whether the chemicals benzene and n-hexane are used in the manufacturing of our products. Apple treats any allegations of unsafe working conditions extremely seriously. We took immediate investigative action, sending specialized teams into each of our 22 final assembly facilities, and found no evidence of workers’ health being put at risk. We’ve updated our tight restrictions on benzene and n-hexane to explicitly prohibit their use in final assembly processes. You can learn more about our commitment to safe handling of chemicals and toxic substances here.
Our history proves that the electronics industry can make use of green chemistry. It’s time now to do even better, and we are eager to take on this challenge.
We’ll invest in research on new materials and technologies. We’ll assemble a new advisory board composed of leaders in safer chemicals and pollution prevention to advance our efforts to minimize or eliminate toxins from our products and supply chain. And we’ll listen — convening roundtables with stakeholders to seek out the best science, data, and solutions.
We’re committed to removing toxins from our products and processes. Because everyone has the right to a safe product and a safe working environment."

Associated Press, Apple

Apple adds to Maps team

Apple has brought on former Nokia HERE Maps Torsten Krenz. Krenz has also served as Vice President of Global Expansion in NAVTEQ’s Digital Mapping Operations before it was acquired by Nokia and merged with Here. Apple is working hard on improving their maps and have been making big improvements lately.  


iOS leads Enterprise marketshare

iOS holds 67% of the mobile enterprise marketshare. This is before the Apple & IBM partnership announcement so expect these numbers to rise.  Android has increased to 32%.


Apple TV Promotion

Buy an Apple TV from Apple and receive $25.00 iTunes gift card.  Apple ran a promotion like this earlier in the year. While there is rumors of new hardware coming, snagging $25.00 worth of free iTunes content is a no brainer.  Promotion ends September 20, 2014


Robin Williams

With the recent passing of famed actor Robin Williams, Apple has dedicated a section on iTunes to his memory.  

RIP Robin


That does it for the week folks.  Thanks for stopping by and catching up.  See you next week!

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