iOSDocked EP 70 iLike: Danny's Pick - Photive Multi-USB Charger

A few weeks ago I went away with my son, wife, her sister and husband.  3 of the 4 adults are iPhone users. One adult, my brother in law, uses an Android phone because it was free. So thats 4 phones that need to be charged. I also had my iPad Air, my son's iPad and my wife's Kindle. 7 devices that would need charging, 3 of which wouldn't be everyday but thats still a lot of devices.  

A few days before we left for vacation, I saw this charger somewhere and decided to pick it up.  Having so many devices and limited wall outlets to plug them in would be an issue but the Photive charger helped eliminate that concern.

The charger comes with 5 USB ports on the front and the AC adapter on the back.  The 5 USB ports are broken down as so: 2 are 2.1A output, enough to charge the iPad, a 1.3A output and 2 1A outputs. The front of the charger has the ports labeled so you know what goes where, very convenient. Every night we plugged in our phones, left them in one spot on the table and when we woke up they were fully charged. 

The AC cord comes with a handy velcro tie to help keep it organized.   

I will also utilize the Photive charger at work. I have 2 smart phones and 2 iPads that need charging. My co-workers are always borrowing my desk to charge their devices as well so this will make things easier.  

At $17.00 its hard not to recommend this 5 USB port charger. 

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