iOSDocked EP 68 iLike: Danny's Pick - Clean My Mac 2

My iLike from the previous show was a Mac app, Clean My Mac 2 by MacPaw. CMM2 is a very useful app that will help you reclaim lots of precious disk space on your HD.  

The app safely scans your HD, finds files not needed and deletes them. The app will also scan your applications, iPhoto library and documents, finding large or un-used apps/files. You determine what files you want to delete. Uninstaller allows you to safely remove old, un-used applications and and files that are normally left behind. Watch the video below for a quick demo then click here to see a complete interactive guide of features

There is a free download that allows you to scan your HD and see how much potential disk space you can reclaim. I have been using the app since version 2 launched (and version 1 before that) and have reclaimed over 800 GB of disk space. This app is well worth the $39.95 price tag and I highly recommend you pick it up now. They also offer multi-license options as well as a Windows version.