GameCenter Showdown: Timberman

Each week the crew picks a game to have a little friendly competition amongst ourselves.  To switch things up a bit, this weeks game was chosen by a few of our listeners.  

Timberman is an 8 bit endless "chopper" where you are chopping the tree.  there are 4 different environments with 10 unlockable characters.  

Tapping on either side of the tree will move Timberman to that side.  You have to avoid getting clunked on the head by the tree branches.  The branches are not the only thing you are up against as there is a timer counting down as well.  Getting hit with a branch or running to of time will end the game.  

The challenge for Timberman is to secure the highest score.  Make sure to tweet us your scores with #GameCenterShowdown so we can keep tabs for the honorable mentions section.  You can also tweet us your GameCenter recommendations for future shows.  Games must have a GameCenter scoring system.

Timberman is free in the AppStore and is a universal app.  (much easier on iPad).  There is also an ad free version for $0.99.