iOSDocked - EP068 - Comfortably Numb/i-Like Checkmark 2 for iPhone

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Checkmark 2 for iPhone

I am a productivity junkie. And while I use Omnifocus for 95% of my project and task management needs, Checkmark 2 is there for the remaining 5% of my todo list. Checkmark 2 does one thing extremely well. It reminds you to do things as you arrive or depart from a destination. What really makes the app special, is that you can set timers based off of your arrival and departure times. 

For example: When I leave home, I need to be reminded to pick up the laundry. But as I begin my drive, other things enter my mind and before I know it, I've forgotten all about the laundry. Enter Checkmark 2. Now I can set up a notification, that reminds me to pick up my laundry exactly 5 minutes after leaving home. This notification event is triggered at precisely the perfect time. Checkmark 2 has found it's way to my home screen for just this reason. 

There are other features that make Checkmark 2 a good option for you as a Reminders or List Making application but what sets it apart are the timed geofenced notifications. The app is a little on the costly side but I find it to be a value with what it offers. So add this to your todo list and download Checkmark 2 in the App Store for $9.99.