GameCenter Showdown: ..and then it rained

Each week the iOSDocked crew picks a game as a friendly competiton. This week's game is ...and then it rained by Megagon Industries. The goal of ...and then it rained is to catch colored rain drops as they fall with the matching colored bucket. It sounds easy, right? It is at first but as you progress the challenges get harder. The rain falls quicker, the colored buckets are on the opposite side of the screen and you have to rush to catch it.  


There are 2 parts to the challenge this week. Part one is to complete all 48 levels to unlock Hurricane Mode. Once Hurricane Mode is unlocked, the goal will be to achieve the highest score possible. Make sure you tweet your scores with #GameCenterShowdown to see how you stack up against the iOSDocked crew.

The app is universal for $2.99 and best played on the iPad.