TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 6/4-06/10

WWDC has come and gone. We got a new Mac OS and a new iOS, both containing some pretty sweet features and enhancements. You can see a rundown of WWDC here. Let's get down to business this week...

Apple introduces MFI program for Lightning cable headphones

Headphones will soon be able to plug into your Lightning equipped iOS device with this new program.  

"There are a few benefits of using the Lightning cable to send audio. Apple says the headphones will be able to draw power from an Apple device, which for some products could eliminate cost associated with an internal battery. It could also work the other way around by providing power to an Apple device from an internal battery or external power source. That enables you to listen to music and also use a passthrough setup so you could charge the device simultaneously, much like you can with an audio dock that uses a Lightning connector. The headphones will also be capable of receiving firmware updates."

The headphones will be capable of supporting higher quality audio output.


Easily screen record your iOS device with OS X Yosemite

Users will easily be able to record the screen of their iOS 8 device once OS X Yosemite is available. Plugging in your iPhone or iPad via USB, the device will show up as a camera input.  

This will be a great way for users to demonstrate issues they are having with apps and show to developers. People will also be able to easily create tutorials for others.  


Apple airs new ad

The ad shows off a plethora of fitness related apps and trackers. Could they subtly be hinting at an "iWatch"??

iOS 8 Features

Federico Viticci of macstories.net has a nice rundown of iOS 8 features that were not mentioned on stage at WWDC...

  • Peer to Peer Networking - Connect your iOS devices without a wireless network
  • Battery Usage per app - see how much battery drain specific apps are causing.
  • Camera Timer 
  • Travel time notifications
  • Use Siri to make iTunes purchases
  • Use the camera in Safari to scan your credit card (9to5mac)

There are more on the list so make sure you check it out here.

Reference for Retina iMac uncovered

With the Beta release of OS X Yosemite, references to a retina iMac have been uncovered.

Specifically, the file points to scaled resolution modes like those available for Retina MacBooks including, according to the report, 6400 x 3600 (probably a 3200×1800 HiDPI), 5760×3240 (2880×1620 HiDPI) 4096×2304 (2048×1152 HiDPI) resolutions. Much like the Retina MacBook Pro with a native resolution of 2880 x 1800 is capable of scalingassets at 3840 x 2400 down to 1920 x 1200 and producing sharper, clearer images in the process, the report speculates the 6400 x 3600 resolution would be scaled down to 200×1800 HiDPI. 

Apple is always testing everything. Releasing it is another story. A retina iMac would probably be ridiculously expensive, I'll pass.  


Apple acquires Spotsetter

Spotsetter is a social based search engine that pulls info from Twitter, Facebook , Foursquare and Instagram, and provides you with personalized recommendations on places to go.  Techcrunch has a nice run down of how the app works.  

Its safe to assume that Apple will be integrating the data from Spotsetter into their own maps app.


Apple to launch pre-paid & month to month iPhone plans in store

9to5mac is reporting Apple is looking to boost in store iPhone sales with this new program.  They will be partnering with AT&T & T-Mobile for these plans. Roll out is expected to begin during the last week of June.

iWatch to launch in October

Nikkei Asian Review reports Apple will launch the fabled "iWatch" in October (iPad event), not at the iPhone event in September. The report also cites sources as saying that the watch will have a curved, OLED touchscreen and that Apple is planning on producing 3-5M units a month.

October, or September.......

Ming Chi Kuo is predicting a September launch for the device.  

Either way, iWant it and iWant it now!!!


HealthKit to support some Bluetooth devices natively

Apple is using the Bluetooth LE standards in the HealthKit API. This will allow iOS 8 to automatically connect with a device pull the data, store it in the Health app and share it with apps that request the data. With iOS 8 collecting the data, this will allow device manufactures to skip app development if they want. 

The accessories that will be built-in and supported natively by HealthKit include heart rate and blood pressure monitors, glucose sensors, and health thermometers... HealthKit automatically establish a connection with devices in range, it will also handle gathering data, saving it in the Health app and notifying other apps that might want to access the data via the HealthKit API.


Apple's stock split 7:1

On Monday June 9th, every share of Apple (APPL) has been split into 7. So if you owned 1 share, you now have 7.  If you owed 100 shares you now have 700. This is good for everyone. I can see Apple reaching back to $500 again, making big bucks for everyone.  

Why Maps got no love during WWDC

TechCruch reports that any improvements that were coming to the Maps app were delayed due to personnel issues. There have been a few departures from the Maps team this year:

Back in March, reports popped up that Cathy Edwards, who happen to be in charge of Maps Quality after joining Apple through the company’s acquisition ofChomp. The reason behind Cathy’s departure was unknown at the time, but we’ve learned from sources that disagreements with employees on the Maps team working under Edwards and an opposition to her management style lead to problems on the Maps team and ultimately her leaving in April. Apple also lost key Maps team member Jared Waldman from Placebase who worked as Head of Geo at Apple Maps until late last year. In addition, we’ve heard from former employees of the mapping team that recently left the company due to issues with Edwards and management of the Maps team. - 9to5mac

Maps has been a big mess since they were announced in 2012 and Apple has been struggling since to get it under control. I am sure with time they will greatly improve.  

Awesome video of iOS 8 feature: Time Lapse

Time Lapse is a feature of iOS 8 that was shown on screen during WWDC but got no verbal mention. Watch the video above to see it in action.  

New iOS lock screen bug

A new bug has been discovered that can allow unauthorized access to your device. 

The attacker will only be allowed access to whatever app was last left open before the screen was locked AND there needs to be a missed call in the Notification Center. If you are concerned, go to Settings--> Control Center--> Access on Lock Screen and turn it off until Apple releases a fix.  


Apple's search for new Communications VP is on

re/code is reporting that Apple CEO Time Cook is leading the search for a new VP of Corp. Communications. They are looking outside the company, something they have been doing a lot lately, for a person that is high profile and will put a "more approachable face" on the PR front.   

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