TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 05/28-06/03

I wanted to have this out prior to WWDC but life happens and I wasn't able to. Since I am behind this week and the WWDC keynote happened, I won't be including any news/rumors related to the event.  You can catch up on the event with my rundown by clicking here.  

KGI Research: All new devices coming with Touch ID

KGI is claiming that all new iOS devices this year will ship with an improved, more durable Touch ID sensor.

We think Apple will opt for tin, versus previously used chemicals, for Touch ID module packaging of new iOS devices in order to boost durability. That is, it should procure Japan Unix’s laser welding equipment for packaging.

All devices having Touch ID makes a lot of sense. There are times I am waiting for my iPad to unlock.  Duh


Some Mac & iOS users locked out of their devices

Hacker(s) going by the name of Oleg Pliss have found a way to lock people out of there devices. The hacker(s) are demeaning a paypal payment to unlock the device. What's interesting is the paypal address is a fake. Users affected will have to contact Apple for help.  In the mean time, make sure you are using a strong and unique password.  Don't re0use the password for anything else.  


Apple extends education pricing to iPads

The discounts are minimal,$20-$30,  but why not have some money where you can. 


iTunes 11.2.2 released

The update contains a fix for podcast downloads. 

Some users are having issues with iTunes crashing with this update. I am not having any issues but wanted to let you know some are.


Apple to acquire Beats for $3 Billion

After weeks of rumors, the deal is official. Apple will be keeping the Beats branding for the time being.  Iovine & Dre will be working for Apple. Apple paid $500 million for the streaming service and $2.5 billion for the hardware business.


Apple's new CFO officially takes over

Luca Maestri officially takes over as Apple CFO, replacing longtime CFO Peter Oppenheimer.  


Thats it for the (short) week folks.  

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