TEKTOK Podcast - EP002 - Our Technical Futures/Sweet TEK Pick - Notifyr for iOS

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Scanbot for iPhone

Notifyr for iOS delivers your iPhone notifications straight to your Mac. The set up is simple. Install this app on your iPhone. Then go here to install the Mac client. The connection is over bluetooth. Then go into your preference pane where you will be able to customize what notifications you get from the iPhone and from which app. This is something we may see natively eventually but for the time being, it gets the job done. For $3.99, it is a relatively simple solution for a common problem. It works about as reliably as a bluetooth connection so keep that in mind. Pushbullet is another option for the service Notifyr provides but you are required to use a Chrome browser. Check out Notifyr and give me your thoughts and experiences with it in the comment section below.