The Future of GTDJedi

This along with androidXperience has been severely underused. I have not given them the attention I initially intended to. I need to use an Android device more than I do so that I can post about my experience. But I refuse to post garbage based off my irregular use of the platform. So when I get the time (that always seems to elude me), I will post. But for today, I wanted to tell you about the direction of this blog and where I see it moving in the future. 

There are so many tips and tricks to help you become a Jedi Master at using technology to get things done in your professional and personal lives. I have an arsenal of my own I would love to write about. However Jedi, you know that highly productive people are very skilled at eliminating tasks of less importance and choose to focus instead on the ones that are of upmost priority. 

But lucky for you, there is a wealth of knowledge out there waiting to be shared with the World coming directly from other GTD Jedi such as myself. So I am now dedicating this blog to those individuals that are bringing their skills to light for others to adopt and practice. I hope you benefit from what you see here. I hope what I share with you here allows you to be more productive than ever before so that you can enjoy a better quality of life with the time these tips can free up for you. So to kick things off, let me start with some advice to carry you through until the next post. 

This is the starting point to your Jedi training. Implement you will.

Wanna be productive? 

  • ELIMINATE crap u don't need to do.
  • DELEGATE the crap u don't want to do.
  • AUTOMATE the crap u don't have time to do.

It all starts here. More to come so stay tuned......