iOSDocked EP 63 iLike: Danny's Pick - Jawbone Up24

If you have followed me on the show for any time you should know that I am a fan of tracking health & fitness. For the past 2 years or so, my timeline has been full of automated tweets with my Fitbit step count. I still wear my Fitbit Zip every day but have recently added a new fitness tracker to my body.

I was looking for something that didn't break or get lost very easily. The Zip pops out of the clip easily and you would not notice it was missing until it was too late. I have also broken 3 of them over that past year so. I wasn't intentionally doing harm to it, but sometimes I fell asleep with it on my waist. When I woke up it wouldn't respond. I was looking for something that would be obvious if it was missing and a little more durable. The Zip also does not track your sleep so that was something else I was looking for in a tracker. I also wanted something that would remind me to get up and move after a period of inactivity. There are apps for iPhone that do that, but it can be an inconvenience if my phone is on charge.  Those apps also add a significant battery drain. Enter my pick: Jawbone Up24

I had the original Up band when it first came out. Sadly, it had an extremely high failure rate and thats when I went to Fitbit. The Up24 has been reworked and it works very well. The band is flexible, making it east to put on or remove. It it also water resistant, so you don't have to worry about sweat causing any issues.  The band is comfortable for me to wear and rarely do I find it getting in the way of anything.  

One of the biggest things I was looking for was a movement reminder. I sit at a desk for extended periods of time and sometimes I get focused on what I am doing and lose track of time. The Up24 has the ability to remind you to get up and walk after a period on inactivity. I have mine set to 30 minutes but you can change it to just about anything you want from the app settings.  

Battery life is great. It lasts just about a week. A downside is that the charger is not a micro USB charger. There is a cap on one end of the band and when removed it exposes an aux plug.  This plugs into a dongle that then plugs into a standard USB port. Charging is fast. I went from less then a day to 7 days in under 30 minutes. Don't lose the cap or the charge dongle as you will need to order news ones from Jawbone.  

The band also tracks your sleeping habits. A press on the only button on the device will enter sleep mode. Your body movements are tracked while you sleep. When you wake up,  just press the button again to come out of sleep mode. Syncing with the app will reveal your sleep. You can see how long it took you to sleep, the hours of light sleep vs the hours of heavy sleep and the amount of times you woke up. You can also set an alarm to wake you up during the correct sleep cycle.  The band will gently vibrate until you acknowledge it. This can be up to a half hour before you want to wake up.  I have mine set for 6:30am, so generally the alarm will go off close to 6am.  

A double press and hold on the band will enter activity tracking mode. This mode is for when you are working out. The band does a great job at this. I normally do this just as I get onto the treadmill, when I remember. You can also enter activity from the app. To exit this mode, simply double press and hold the button again.  

The band syncs over Bluetooth and does it in the background if enabled. This allows the app to send push notifications of your progress. There are a few things that could be improved.  Opening the app to sync can be slow at times and there is no visual indicator on the band to see your progress. The only way to see your progress is by opening the app.  

There is a social element to the Up24 as well. You can share your progress to twitter. Your friends will appear in your feed as well. You can comment on the activity and cheer them on as well.

The band comes in 3 sizes and 4 different colors. Once you pick your color, you are stuck with it so make sure you choose wisely.  I chose black as it blends with everything. The band is not cheap, it will run you about $160.00 after taxes. There is a cheaper version that does not sync over bluetooth but otherwise is exactly the same.  

There are a few other things you get as well. You can track your meals by entering them in or via bar code scanning. Every morning, you also get a recap of your previous day and little motivational and knowledge fact cards. I find these to be helpful and inspiring.

Overall, the Up24 has been a great fitness tracker. The battery life, activity reminder and sleep tracking are all things that I really enjoy about the device and thats why its my iLike. If you have any other questions or would like to be a part of my team, feel free to reach out to me.  

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