TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 05/14-05/20

Kinda of a quiet week in Apple news. There are a lot of rumors flying by. This week we got an OS X update, iOS running on a 4.7" device mock up, and some iPhone 6 rumors.  

iOS 8 to feature high quality audio playback

MacRumors, via Mac Otakara, is reporting that Apple is preparing support for 24 bit audio files for the next version of iOS.  

Apple will enable high-quality audio files to be played on iOS 8 compatible devices. 

Apple is also said to be preparing an upgraded Lightning cable to accommodate high-definition playback on Made For iPhone (MFi) audio accessories, although it isn't clear when the company would introduce the updated wire.

The report also states that Apple will release new in ear headphones to support the audio upgrade.  


Could NFC make it into the next iPhone?

Apple has reportedly reached a deal with mobile payment provider China UnionPay.

This would work in conjunction with NFC hardware said to be included in the next iPhone model.

NFC has been rumored to be included in every iPhone for several years now. I personally wouldn't use it but there are plenty of others out there that claim they would. Android users always claim the lack of NFC is a reason they stay away from iPhone. I call BS on them. As for the hardware, we will have to wait and see.


Lunch with Time Cooke would cost you over $300k

An auction held recently to have lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook went for $330,001.  The proceeds will be donated to the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.  

I hope Tim is at least paying, haha. Lunch will be held at Apple HQ.  


September holiday restrictions for Apple retail

It has been reported that local Apple retail store employees are banned from taking vacation in September.  

This is a good indication that there will be an event during the month as Apple generally blocks vacations for product launches. There is no word yet of any US stores receiving the same black out.  

Apple reportedly working on missing messages fix

iMessage is an iOS device to iOS device messaging system. The messages are connected with your Apple ID and your phone number. People that switch from one iOS device to another, smartphone or not, have issues where they are not receiving new messages. These messages are from iOS device users. These devices still see the other phone number as an iOS device, not a new device and messages sent are stuck in limbo.  

This has been an issue since the launch of iMessage and it is annoying for some people. To avoid this, people need to deactivate iMessage before switching devices. The best solution is to not switch away from an iOS device :) Glad to see Apple is working on a fix but it would be better if people weren't switching away from iPhone.  


Apple testing larger phone with sharper display

Mark Gurnman of 9to5Mac reported that Apple is working on a phone with a 1704 x 940 resolution display. Apple would be increasing the amount of pixels displayed on the screen thus improving sharpness and better color saturation. Mark goes into a ton of details and provides mockups for larger device displays. The report is a little long but it is well worth the read.  


Beats deal delayed

Not much to go with the head line other then the report acquisition will be delayed a week or so.  


AT&T announces VOLTE rollout

VOLTE, voice over LTE, will begin rolling out in select markets. This will allow for HD voice calls over their LTE network. T-Mobile has had this available for some time while Sprint and Verzion have announced they will begin rolling it out this year.  

I really want Verizon to do this, and for one reason only, simultaneous voice & data. Currently when you place a call, unless on wifi, you can not connect to the internet. Some phone have dual radios that allow you to do this but the iPhone does not. Get on it Verizon!!!


Apple's marketshare climbs in Japan

iPhone market share in Japan climbed from 25% last year to almost 37% this year. This is thanks to a deal with the largest carrier in Japan, NTTDocomo.

More iPhones!!!!!  That is all


OS 10.9.3 released

About the update

The OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 Update is recommended for all Mavericks users. It improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. 

This update:

  • Improves 4K display support on Mac Pro (Late 2013) and MacBook Pro with 15-inch Retina Display (Late 2013)
  • Adds the ability to sync contacts and calendars between a Mac and iOS device using a USB connection
  • Improves the reliability of VPN connections using IPsec
  • Resolves an issue that prevented Font Book from installing PostScript Type 1 fonts
  • Improves reliability of copying, editing and inspecting permissions of files on an SMB file server
  • Improves reliability of network home directories
  • Improves stability when installing configuration profiles
  • Improves login speed for users in Active Directory groups
  • Includes Safari 7.0.3

There was also a bug that hid the user folder. That and update to iTunes was realized so make sure you update that too.


Bentley's short film

Filmed entirely on an iPhone and edited with an iPad.

Intelligent Details, a short documentary film commissioned by Bentley Motors, introduces Luc Donckerwolke, Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. Filmed in the Bentley Mulsanne in New York, Intelligent Details focuses on what inspires Luc and SangYup in their roles as design leaders for Bentley Motors.

Kobe Bryant seen at Apple HQ

Rumor is he was meeting with Jony Ive about upcoming products. Could he be the next Apple celebrity spokesman?


Apple & Google agree to end patent litigation

The two tech giants have agreed to stop suing each other over patents but will not cross license them either. They have also agreed to work together on pater reform.  


This is iOS on a 4.7" screen

Its exactly what you would expect, a blown up version of iOS.  tumors do have the pixel density increased for the display would be a lot sharper then you may see in the video.


Thats it for the week folks. We are just under 2 weeks away from WWDC so more iOS rumors should start to fly in. Also remember to check out the iOSDocked WWDC Prediction contest.  Enter before midnight on the 21st. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any feedback please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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