TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 05/07-05/13

This Week in review covers a few iOS bugs, next gen iPhone parts shipping, a few people leaving, a few people coming, a new acquisition and more.  

Mail in iOS 7 is not being encrypted

iOS 7.0.4, 7.1 & 7.1.1 are affected by the flaw. Security researcher Andreas Kurtz discovered the flaw with the release of iOS 7.1.  

I verified this issue by restoring an iPhone 4 (GSM) device to the most recent iOS versions (7.1 and 7.1.1) and setting up an IMAP email account1, which provided me with some test emails and attachments. Afterwards, I shut down the device and accessed the file system using well-known techniques (DFU mode, custom ramdisk, SSH over usbmux). Finally, I mounted the iOS data partition and navigated to the actual email folder. Within this folder, I found all attachments accessible without any encryption/restriction

iMore reports Apple is aware of the issue and had a fix in the works.

This is a big fail on Apple's end. iOS is touted as the most secure mobile OS and with this bug that is clearly not the case. I would expect to see iOS 7.1.2 within a few weeks.  


New SVP of Retail awarded 113,334 shares of Apple stock

That works out to be about $68 million. The stock will not fully vest until 2018.  

Thats a lot of stock. I hope she is worth it and shake up the retail side of Apple.  


iOS bug allows anyone access to your contacts

Watch the video below

Apple needs to fix this ASAP. In the mean time you can protect yourself by going to Settings > Passcode and disable Siri under the “Allow access when locked". This will make it so Siri only works when the phone is unlocked.  


New Apple Store opening

Apple has reportedly signed a lease for space inside of the new World Trade Center Mall. The store is expected to be launch partner in 2015 with several other high profile companies.  


First batch of Touch ID sensors being shipped

TSMC is reportedly shipping sensors for the next round of iPhones & iPads.  

With the sensors being shipped so early, I am hopeful that we will avoid the shortage of devices at launch. It took quite some time for Apple to catch up on iPhone 5S orders reportedly due to Touch ID constraints.


iPhone 4 is dead, again

Apple is reportedly ending sales of the iPhone 4 in India. The began re-selling the iPhone 4 in India early this year in an attempt to enter the market with a lower cost iPhone. Apple had also began to sell an 8GB iPhone 5C so that could have led to the end of the iPhone 4.  

I have an iPhone 4 as a spare phone with iOS 7 installed. I have to say, it is a terrible experience compared to the 4S/5/5C/5S running the same iOS. I wouldn't recommend the iPhone 4 to anyone. Glad to see they are removing it from sale.


VP of Worldwide Corporate Communications is retiring

Katie Cotten is retiring from Apple after 18 years to spend time with her family.

“Katie has given her all to this company for over 18 years.  She has wanted to spend time with her children for some time now. We are really going to miss her.” 

18 years, thats a long time at Apple. She endured Steve Jobs. She deserves time with her family.  Enjoy!!


VP of North American Sales is leaving Apple

Zane Rowe will be leaving Apple, VP of Korea & Japan Sales Doug Beck will add on Rowe's responsibilities. There is no reason given for Rowe's departure. 9to5mac toss the idea out there it could be related to declining sales or that he was skipped over for the CFO position.  Rowe was formally CFO of United Continental Airlines.


iPhone app in development to detect skin cancer

The app being developed has an 85% accuracy rate, similar results to dermatology specialists and more accurate then general physicians.   

A $500 dermoscope – a combined magnifying lens and light – is attached to the back of the iPhone, and the iPhone camera used to take a photo of a suspicious mole or lesion. The app then analyzes the image to determine whether or not it is likely to be cancerous, with the result available in just a few seconds.

I love technology. A $500 scope, a light a magnifying lens and an iPhone could replace thousands of dollars of medical equipment. I hope this gets approved and more devices similar to this are developed.  


iPhone camera to see significant upgrade

Apple has hired Ari Partinen, lead camera engineer from the Nokia Lumia PureView team. The Lumia phones have a great camera and in some instances beat the iPhone camera.  Partinen starts in June so we most likely won't see any of his work until the "iPhone 6S"  

There was also a patent issued to Apple for "Super resolution based on optical stabilization"  

A system and method for creating a super-resolution image using an image capturing device. In one embodiment, an electronic image sensor captures a reference optical sample through an optical path. Thereafter, an optical image stabilization (OIS) processor to adjusts the optical path to the electronic image sensor by a known amount. A second optical sample is then captured along the adjusted optical path, such that the second optical sample is offset from the first optical sample by no more than a sub-pixel offset. The OIS processor may reiterate this process to capture a plurality of optical samples at a plurality of offsets. The optical samples may be combined to create a super-resolution image. USPTO

I think this is big for Apple. A better camera is almost always on everyones wish list and I have to admit, the Lumia line does take some great photos. Too bad we will have to wait (most likely) until next year. The combination of the patent and the new engineer should make future iPhone cameras #1.


iMessage lead leaves Apple for messaging startup Layer

In addition to iMessage, Andrew Vyrror also responsible for FaceTime, back to my mac & Apple's push notification service. Layer is a start up messaging service that is looking to create an API for the message platform to be built into other apps.  


Jony Ive to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will be presetting Ive with the award in October.

"Ive is our generation's most innovative and influential figure in the field of industrial design—no other design mind has done more to transform the way we visualize and share information," said SFMOMA Director Neal Benezra. "SFMOMA was the first museum on the West Coast to establish a department of architecture and design, and we're thrilled to celebrate Ive's revolutionary achievements."


Apple to acquire Beats for 3.2 Billion

The Financial Times reported that Apple is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire Beats, the headphone manufacture and streaming music service. It was also reported that co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine will join Apple as senior executives. The acquisition will be the largest ever for Apple. Apple will gain experience in designing headphones, audio technologies, streaming music technology.  

There are 2 things that get me really excited about this. While Apple's EarPods are good, they could be better and the knowledge that Beats will bring over will help tremendously. Beats streaming music service will also provide a huge boost to the iTunes Radio team. I expect the cost of iTunes Match will increase a bit, maybe doubled to $50/yr, but I would still pay it.  


Apple Store moves from iPod touch to iPhone 5S for P.O.S.

Apple Store employees will now be using iPhone 5S for transactions inside of retail stores.  

Apple’s upgrade to the iPhone 5s for employees brings new features via an upgraded point-of-sale sled that adds in RFID capabilities as well as chip and pin card reading functionality and improvements for Passbook scanning. The new accessories are also said to integrate a keypad to allow input of pin numbers for debit payment processing and more.

Going from a 4th ten iPod touch to an iPhone 5S is a big upgrade. There are some added features as indicated above but the biggest boost will be speed. I have one of those iPods and it's incredibly slow. Customers will be able to get out of retail stores faster allowing more customers to come in.  


Apple launches in store iPhone upgrade program

Apple is sending emails to older iPhone model users saying "It's a beautiful time for an upgrade". They are offering up to $99 for iPhone 4 and $199 for iPhone 4S, essentially making the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S free on contract, excluding taxes. 9to5Mac reported earlier in the week this would be happening.  

This is probably the most convenient way to upgrade. Bring your old phone into an Apple store, walk out with a clone of your old device on your new one (iCloud back up required). Just for value comparison, Gazelle is currently offering $80 for a flawless 32GB iPhone 4 on AT&T.  Apple may give you $19 more and no need to wait or ship anything. If you are on an older device, this is definitely worth looking into.  


Thats it for the week folks.  Hope you enjoyed reading. 

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