Cloud Storage Revisited

Last year I wrote up a review of multiple cloud storage options. You can read that review here.  There have been a lot of changes recently to the pricing and storage options. Let's take a look at a few of the most notable changes.

OneDrive (Formally Sky Drive) 

Is a cloud service from Microsoft. They offer you 7GB of free storage with the ability to earn up to 8GB of space for free. There are mobile/web/desktop apps to access your files. OneDrive does allow for auto upload of your camera roll images.


  • 50GB for $25.00/yr
  • 100GB for $50.00/yr
  • 200GB for $100/yr

Google Drive

Google gives you 15GB of storage for free. They also offer mobile/desktop/web apps so you can always access your files. Google's pricing is monthly, they do not offer yearly plans. While Drive itself does not offer auto upload for images, the Google+ app does.


  • 100GB for $1.99/mo
  • 1TB (1,000 GB) for $9.99/mo
  • 10 TB for $99.99/mo
  • 20 TB for $199.99/mo
  • 30 TB for 299.99/month 

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon released this app about a year ago. Initially they only offered photo uploads but has been updated to include videos. Cloud Drive does allow for auto upload. With Cloud Drive, you get 5 GB for free and offer the following upgrades:

  • 20 GB for $10.00/yr 
  • 50 GB for $25.00/yr
  • 100 GB for $50.00/yr
  • 200 GB for $100.00/yr
  • 500 GB for $250.00/yr
  • 1 TB for $500.00/yr


I did not include this one in the previous write up but they are doing something that makes it worthy of being added. They are offering 50GB for $1.00/yr.  ONE DOLLAR for 50GB.  With the plan you also get 50GB for backing up your device. The back up storage is great for backing up your computers. Typical back up services charge per computer. iDrive is charging simply for storage space. You can back up multiple computers for 1 price until you max out your storage.  the 5GB plan is free.


  • 300GB storage + 300GB backup $24.95/yr
  • 1TB storage + 1TB backup for $74.75/yr,
  • 2TB storage +2TB backup for $149.75
  • 4TB storage + 4TB backup for $249.75/year. 


Flickr is a photo sharing service from Yahoo. They offer 1TB of storage free. They also offer auto upload and sharing. Since Flickr is a photo sharing service, your auto uploaded images are private. You can select the images you want to be public. Flickr only does photos, no videos at this time.  


While probably the most recognizable and most integrated cloud service, they are also one of the most expensive. You get 2GB free with the ability to add more with referrals. The next plan is $9.99 a month for 100GB.  Dropbox also allows for camera roll back up.

As you can see there are no shortages of cloud storage services. There are other services out there, Copy, SugarSync, Box, Mega and more. Having auto upload for your camera roll is a big sticking point for me. When it comes down to choosing the service you want, it will probably come down to cost and features. From a cost only perspective, Flickr is the winner hands down. How can you turn down 1TB of free storage. Lack of video support could be a turn off for some users but hopefully it will come with an update soon. iDrive is the next best choice. It's hard to beat 300GB for $25/year and you get 300GB for device back up. Feature wise, all apps offer pretty much the same thing: auto upload, file sharing, re-downloading and the chance to gain more free storage. Since all services offer some sort of free option its worth a try to see what serivce you like best. What service did you choose and why?  Let me know in the comments.  

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