TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 04/16-04/22

CarPlay expansion , iTunes Radio expanding to more countries, Shazam integration coming to iOS 8 and more on Week in Review.  Oh yeah and roughly 40 days until WWDC...

CarPlay coming to aftermarket car stereo systems

Aftermarket car stereo manufacture Alpine, is rumored to begin selling CarPlay compatible systems later this year. The system is rumored to cost between $500 & $700 dollars.  If my car's current stereo wasn't integrated with the phone and DVD system I would totally be on board to get one as I have 0 plans to buy a new car soon.  I am sure we will start to see more aftermarket manufactures announcing something shortly.  


iTunes Radio coming to the UK?

9to5mac is reporting that iAd director Paul Wright has been meeting with media marketing agencies. Plus this tweet is a pretty big hint.   

Great to see iTunes Radio rolling out to more countries.  I wish they would improve some things but its a work in progress.  


Apple agrees to anti-theft measures for smart phones

Apple, and others, has agreed to implement additional anti-theft measures beginning in 2015.  

"Those signing the pledge agree that devices going on sale after July 2015 will have the ability to remotely wipe data and be rendered inoperable, if the user chooses, to prevent the device from being reactivated without the owner’s permission. Lost or stolen devices could later be restored if recovered."

Apple started to address the theft problem with Activation Lock in iOS 7.  Activation lock keeps people from wiping your phone unless you have the password associated with the Apple ID tied to the device.  


Yahoo to replace Google as default search on iOS?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is trying to convince Apple to make Yahoo the default search engine on iOS. Yahoo and Apple have a good relationship and they already provide stock and weather information for iOS. iOS currently comes with Google as the default search engine though you can change it to Yahoo or Bing in the settings. Bing also provides results for Siri.  

Not sure how I would feel about this.  Google's database would be hard for Yahoo to over power.  Maybe a partnership with Apple would boost that possibility. 


Apple & Shazam teaming up

The two are rumored to be teaming up to bring music recognition natively to iOS.  Shazam will be baked into iOS similar to Facebook & Twitter. This is rumored to be included in iOS 8.

This would be a boost for Shazam and could lead to more iTunes sales.  The report also talks about iTunes Radio getting benefits as well.  


iOS 7.1.1 coming soon

9to5mac posted analytics showing increased usage of iOS 7.1.1.  This update is likely to be bug fixes, most likely the activation lock bypass that was shown a few weeks back.  Also in their analytics is an increase in iOS 8 & Mac OS 10.10 traffic.  

WWDC is getting closer so its no surprise that there is an increase of the next generation software.  Im ready for it.


FaceTime suffers outage

iOS 6 users have had outages during the week. Apple's resolution? Telling users to update to iOS 7.  Mac users on OS 10.8 Mountain Lion are also having issues.  

While iOS 7 has a great adoption rate, somewhere in the upper 80's, not everyone wants to switch to the new version of iOS.  Apple suggesting users to upgrade is a little bit of a slap in the face. They need to come up with a better fix to the issue.  


Developers geting 2nd change at WWDC tickets

Apple is sending emails to devolpers that missed out on the first round of lottery tickets. These tickets are ones that went unclaimed.  

Glad for this, though it was hard to see this NOT happening.


Nike shutting down the FuelBand division

Nike is cutting about 80% of the FuelBand division according to Cnet.  

Wow.  I wonder what this could mean for the rumored iWatch. Will the former staff be flocking to Apple? Will Nike be sharing their data with Apple?  Will Nike be a partner with Apple for the launch of the iWatch?


Apple adds to their medical team

Apple has hired Divya Nag to their team. 9to5mac has a nice profile on Nag. With all of the personnel additions it would be a surprise if Apple didn't reveal a major health related addition into iOS 8.


Thats it for the week folks. Sunday was a US holiday so there wasn't too much news from the weekend. 

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