iOSDocked EP 62 iLike: Danny's Pick - Jaybird Freedom Spirit Headphones

If you have followed me for some time or listened to the latest episode, you should know that I do a lot of running. Lately the majority of my running happens on the treadmill at work. Once it gets warmer out, I will transition back to running outside. There are a lot of things you have to worry about while running outside, cars, animals, and various other hazards. One thing I do not want to worry about is my headphones falling out. Enter my iLike, Jaybird Freedom Spirit bluetooth headphones.

When I first started running, I used "over the head" earphones as they were the least likely to fall out. I eventually moved up to a Motorola H510. They were decent headphones but they failed on me twice due to liquid damage.  Not good for "sweat proof" headphones. I asked around on twitter and a few people recommended I check out the Jaybird line.  

The headphones come with 3 different sized ear cushions and ear tips. The cushions help secure the headphones in your ear, reducing the chance they will fall out. The cushions are great for low intensity movement, walking, stationary biking, but for intense activity, there is also an over the ear clip to keep the buds from falling out completely. They do fit comfortably in the ear. I had to try out 2 of the cushions to get the right feel.  

Paring the headphones was easy to do as well. You can pair these to 2 different devices, I have yet to do this. The sound is clear and loud.  you can use the headphones to make phone calls as they have a built in mic.  It works but its not the best.  Since the mic is on the earbud itself which is attached to your ear, you may have to speak a little louder for the person to hear you.  

The controls are located on the right ear bud. On the top is the power/play/pause button. The inside has the port for charing the earbuds. This is also where the mic is located. On the outside of the earbud is the volume controls.  A long press on the volume up will skip forward.  A long press on the volume down button will rewind.  Battery life is about 4 hours of use. They charge up daily quick and come with a hard carrying case to help keep them protected. 

I chose the Freedom Spirit model solely on the price. They cost $100.00. The higher model will run you $170.00. There are some differences on the 2 models. The Bluebud X has an 8 hour battery, the mic is better, the controls are on the cord vc the ear bud and they have a  smaller more compact design.  


If I had the extra cash I probably would have gotten the Bluebuds, but overall I am happy with my choice. The battery lasts enough to get me through 4 - 5 runs, the sound quality and fit is great.  If you are in the market for bluetooth headphones and don't want to spend a crazy amount of money, I strongly recommend the Jaybird Freedom Spirit headphones.  As I said before, they retail for $100.00 but a search on Amazon and you can find them a little cheaper.  

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