TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 04/08-04/15

Another week, another iWatch rumor.  Also this week, some new hires to bolster Apple's services.  

Apple's trade in program launched in Germany

Apples trade in program that started last year has been rolling out to other countries. The latest is Germany. While convenient, there are better options out there that will give you more money for your device.


Apple hires Amazon's head os search to help fix Maps

Benoit Dupin, Vice President of Amazon A9′s Search Technology group has joined Apple.  Dupin will reportedly be working on search in Apple's mapping which we all know needs help.  

While not terrible for me, its far from great.  Any help would be welcomed. I have reported multiple issues since the launch of Maps but they have yet to be corrected.  


Apple working on own baseband chip for future iPhone

Digitimes is reporting that Apple is working on their own baseband (cellular) chips for future iPhones. Apple currently uses Qualcomm for these chips.  

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple did design their own baseband chip. They made their mobile processor so why not a cellular chip as well?  We all know Apple does a really good job of integrating the hardware & software so this could be a game changer in a few years.  


iWatch Rumors

2 reports about the iWatch. The first report has suppliers to deliver by August and Apple shipping 65 million units with a 3rd quarter launch. The 2nd report has circuit boards being delivered to Apple HQ for testing.  

WWDC is just over a month away.  Maybe, just maybe, Apple will preview the iWatch or drop some hints.

Report 1 , Report 2

Jony Ive soon to have full control of Human Interface and Software Design

Greg Christie, head of the HI group will be retiring later this year. All software designers will be reporting to Ive.  

One person in charge of software & hardware.  To me this sounds a little Steve Jobs-esque.


Apple planning major iTunes overhaul

Billboard Report:

How Apple transforms iTunes, however, remains hotly debated, both within the company and among Apple’s content partners sources say. Apple’s desire for a smooth transition is complicated by an urgency that iTunes must move quickly as people move away from downloads, where Apple controls 90% of download music sales in the U.S., towards streaming, where Apple is overshadowed.

“iTunes Radio hasn’t solved the problem of refreshing the iTunes store,” said a senior label executive. “While listeners are clicking the buy buttons, the traffic it is driving is in the low single digits of listeners.” iTunes Radio’s “lack of success,” another executive said, “is driving the types of conversations they are having. They know iTunes has to change radically, but they still don’t know which way it will go. But it will be completely different in three to five years. They are committed to making that happen.”


New Apple TV to have motion controls

Ming -Chi Kuo has some insight on the next version of the Apple TV. The new Apple TV will have motion controls allowing easier user interface.  The new device will also be available in the 3rd quarter of the year.

Motion tracking makes sense as Apple did acquire PrimeSense, the original Kinect for Xbox.  As for the timing of the launch, I don't think it makes sense for Apple to release new iPhone, iPad, iWatch & Apple TV all in the 3rd quarter.   


Apple bolstering iTunes, looking for multiple engineers

Apple has multiple job listings for iTunes: iTunes Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer for iTunes Radio, & iTunes Recommendations Recommendation Software Engineer. Brief job description: 

The iTunes Store Discovery team is looking for a top-notch engineer to build and enhance features driving the iTunes Store, App Store, and the iBookstore. The Discovery team is responsible for features such as iTunes Genius, iTunes Match, Recommendations, and many other personalized and cloud features of the iTunes Store.

This flows with the report from Billboard that Apple is looking to change up iTunes.


Apple hires Wolff Olins Global CEO to take on marketing

Karl Heiselman will be taking on an undisclosed role on the marketing team next month. After last weeks revelation that Apple is unhappy with the current direction it's headed, they are going to shake things up and get on track.  Heiselamn previously helped Sony, Belkin, Skype and others.  

It will be interesting to see what direction the marketing team goes in battling Samsung.


Apple's defense rests in Patent case

In the on going battle with Samsung, Apple has rested their case. They spend the past few weeks proving why Samsung should pay and I think they have a pretty good case. Now it's up to Samsung to prove Apple wrong.  


Thats it for this week folks.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this week in review!!!

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