TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 3/10-3/16

Lots of iOS things happening this week so lets dive in!

Apple Releases iOS 7.1 

7.1 brings huge improvements to devices running iOS 7. The big fix with 64 bit devices is the constant re-spring issues and Touch ID improvements on the 5S. There are also minor UI tweaks throughout the OS. The speed of iOS 7.1 on older devices has drastically improved. Carplay is also included in this release though its not available in and vehicles yet. The camera app (iPhone 5S) has an auto HDR mode and you can now upload burst photos to iCloud.  Jailbreakers need to stay away as 7.1 patches the jailbreak exploit. Also uncovered by 9to5Mac is a pair of unannounced devices. They speculate these are minor hardware upgrades that happen from time to time. Apple also implemented a pop up window alerting users there is 15 minute window for in app purchases. That means purchases can be made in a 15 minute time frame without the password being entered. You can go to the setting app and change it there. It's about time. I have been running the beta of 7.1 and have been very happy with it. I also updated my iPad 2 and it runs incredibly well on that device. Check out the video below for an overview of the update.



iTunes Radio Takes 3rd Place in US Internet Radio

iTunes Radio was launched this past fall with iOS 7 and has been popular since. In a report released by electronista, iTunes Radio has 8% of market share, iHeartRadio 9% and Pandora at 31%.  

It won't be easy for Apple to overtake Pandora. They have an 8 year head start. iTunes Radio is gaining steam, they just ousted Spotify for 3rd place. iTunes Radio is still growing as they have added new countries recently. I for one am please with iTunes Radio and do not have any of the other streaming radio services on my iPhone. For more info on iTunes Radio check out my review here.  


iOS 8 Details Emerge

Mark Gurman over at 9to5mac has a major scoop on iOS 8 details. In part 1 he says Apple will focus on improving maps, and adding public transportation data. Part 2 Mark says that Apple is considering moving iTunes Radio from the Music app and making it a standalone app to increase usage. Part 3 has Apple pushing iCloud further as part of the file system. Part 4 points to screen shots of new apps, HealthBook, Preview, Text Edit. Mark confirms with his sources these images are legit. In part 5, Mark says Apple is considering removing GameCenter, modifying Notification Center and Messages and fine tune the overall speed of the OS.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

He has a pretty good track record when it comes to these things so I believe him. 

Apple Reduces iPhone Return Policy to 14 Days

Apple has lowered the return period for iPhones from 30 days to 14. This falls in line with other products available from the Apple store. The return period also matches that of the major cellular carriers.  


Apple Granted Patent for Wrist Pedometer Step Detection

"In some implementations, optimizations for detecting steps when a pedometer is worn at a user's wrist are described. In some implementations, a threshold crossing step detection method can be enhanced for wrist locations by counting the number of positive peaks between comparison threshold crossings, adjusting a minimum peak-to-peak threshold for qualifying threshold crossings, and inferring a second step based on the amount of time between threshold crossings. In some implementations, the pedometer can automatically determine that the pedometer is being worn on a user's wrist."

Bring on the iWatch, but I don't think its happening this year. I hope it does.  

Source , Patent 

Apple Seeds Another Build of 10.9.3

Focus Areas:

- Graphics Drivers
- Audio

Bug Reporting

If you are a dev, go get it!


iOS 7.1 Causing Rapid Battery Drain for Some

Since the realse on iOS 7.1 this week, there are multiple reports of users having battery drain issues.  

I was one of them. I installed the update on top of the beta build and my battery was extremely wonky. 

I have since done a iTunes restore and set up my device as new. While it is better then before, it is still bad. I read somewhere that there is a bug in 7.1  but that it may not get fixed until iOS 8. I find that doubtful. But hey, you never know.  

Google Drops Drive Cloud Storage Pricing

This isn't Apple news directly but it could affect iCloud users in the long run. You can now get 100 GB of storage space fore $1.99 a month. That's $24.00 a year. Crazy. Now look at Apple's iCloud pricing and you can see where this could chafe things for iCloud users. First off, the max iCloud storage id 50GB. You get 5GB free so you really have 55GB. That 50Gb price tag is a whopping $100.00. $100.00 vs $24.00 is a huge savings for the customer. I hope Apple does something to counter this or I just may jump ship to Google Drive.  


iPhone 6 Specs Leaked?

Sonny Dickson, extremely popular last year leaking iPhone 5C and 5S casing images, is back at it again.  This time he claims to have the specs of the iPhone 6.  

Take any rumors with a grain of salt as these are RUMORS.  We won't know what is coming until Apple shows us.  

Thats it for this week.  I hope you are enjoying the weekly review.  If there is something I missed or if you would like me to try something different, please let me know in the comments or on twitter.  Thanks for reading and see you next week!