iOSDocked EP 61 iLike: Danny's Pick - Mailbox

There are no shortages of email replacements in the app store. I am generally happy with Apple's stock mail application but there is one major problem. When I am at work, iCloud email is blocked. I work in a hospital so they are pretty tight on what is and is not allowed over their wifi network. Enter the needs for a replacement for the stock app. Oddly enough, third party applications DO allow me to send and receive iCloud email. I tested out a few apps but I have settled on Mailbox at the recommendation of Clay.  

Mailbox is free and easy to use. The swipe gestures are accurate and I very rarely fumble with a swipe. The biggest pro for swiping is that I can swipe to delete. Other apps require a swipe to bring up an action menu then choose delete.  

The app is well designed and has a very nice iOS 7 feel to it. A partial swipe from left to right will mark the message as completed and a full swipe will delete the message.  Swiping right to left will allow you to move it to a list or remind you about it at a later time.  

During the week I email myself articles to put the Week In Review together. As they come in I swipe them to the left and mark them as remind me on the weekend.  Its super handy.  

Mailbox also links with your Dropbox account (they own mailbox) and you can attach document/images you have stored there.

The only downside I found with Mailbox is that you are limited to iCloud & Gmail accounts. Not a big deal if they are your only services but if you use yahoo, outlook, exchange or anything else then you are out of luck. The ease of use and the fact that it works over the wifi network at my job are the reason I chose Mailbox as my primary email client. The only thing missing for me, is Launch Center Pro support.