TEKSide Presents: Week in Review: 2/3-2/9

Lot of things happening this week. iOS Beta updates, new rumors of the next iPhone, new Apple TV channel coming and more!!

iPhone 6 Details Emerge

KDB Daewoo Securities claims the next generation iPhone will come with 16, 32, 64 & 128 GB storage options, 8MP iSight camera, 3.2 MP front facing camera, 1800 mAh battery, 2 GB of RAM, and a 64 bit A8 processor. They also report the phone will come with a 4.7 or 4.8 in. screen and a 5.5 in. option. Lastly, KDB says the phone will come with iOS 7.2 pre-installed with a 2nd/3rd quarter launch.

There has been lots of chatter that the next iPhone will come in 2 sizes, a phablet size and a larger then the current generation size. I am not a fan of phablets so the largest screen size I would like is 4.7/4.8. Apple does need to increase battery life as that is the biggest complaint that it hear. There are also multiple reports about the camera, some say the sam 8 MP that we have now with improved optics and others (mentioned further down) say 10 MP. iPhone is known for having a great camera so I am sure we will all welcome an improved camera. The phone launching with 7.2 sounds fishy. 7.1 is near a public release and 9to5Mac has great information on iOS 8 that is typically announced in June.  Via BGR

WWE Network coming to Apple TV This Month

In a Facebook post, a WWE representative confirmed that the 24/7 streaming service will be coming to Apple TV this month:

"In order to experience WWE Network on an Apple TV, you must have a second generation or later (black) Apple TV and be a WWE Network subscriber. Once WWE Network is available, you will be able to launch the WWE Netowrk app directly from your Apple TV. Let us know if you have further questions! Thank you."

Good news that a new Apple TV channel is coming. I am glad they are expanding options. As I stated, and many others, a UI update is needed if they keep adding more channels. Check the source for a screen capture of the Facebook page.  Via Macrumors

Tim Cook to Meet with Turkish President

Time Cook will meet with the Turkish President to speak about a $4 Billion plan to bring iPads to their school system.  

More iPads in the hands of students is a great thing for everyone. It helps expand the learning possibilities and greatly increases the possibilities in future technology.  Via 9to5Mac

Apple Airs 30 Years of Mac Video

All footage filmed with an iPhone, edited on a Mac

Apple Building Their Own Content Delivery Network

Apple is reportedly buying internet infrastructure, possibly building their own content delivery network. Apple has been relying on third party services to host its content.  Building their own network would allow Apple to have greater control and possibly faster delivery of content.

This is a good thing for Apple. We know they like to control as much of their operations as possible and this would be a big boost for them. The only thing that has me concerned is their short comings with iCloud services. They have improved lately but have had frequent outages.  I would hate to see an outage happen and a user would not be able to access their music or movies.  Via 9to5Mac

Smart Dock with Inductive Charging Detail in Apple Patent

Apple was granted a patent for a smart dock that allows for inductive charging and orientation aware functions. The patent describes how a device is charged through magnets and how the device is placed on the mat affects what functions can be done.  

"Examples of different orientations include rotational position, determination of whether the device face-up or face-down, relative position compared to another device and position in alignment with certain coordinates, among others. In one embodiment, a user places a device face-down — display side down — on the mat. In this case, the system would provide inductive charging to the device. Alternatively, when the device is face-up, both data syncing and charging may be performed. During transfer of data, or any other function, a status symbol can be displayed on the device screen to inform the user as to what operation is currently being performed. The orientation can thereby be confirmed or adjusted depending on a user's preference."

This sounds interesting. There are cases on the market that allow for inductive charging. I had one for my iPhone 4S, it was convent and worked very well.  Via AppleInsider

iOS 7.1 Beta 5 Released to Developers

They beta release contains minimal changes, Siri voices, stability fixes and a keyboard alteration. This beta release also closes more exploits used to jail break iOS.  

With each beta we are getting close to a public release. See the source for the keyboard change.  Via 9to5Mac, AppAdvice (jailbreak)

More iWatch News

Apple hired a sleep research expert from Philips to work on the unannounced product.

"Before joining Apple, Raymann served as a senior scientist at Philips Research working as a lead on various sleep related research projects. He founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory, a non-clinical sleep research facility"

This is a huge hire for Apple.  They are going to rock the fitness band industry, I can feel it. Via 9to5Mac  In another report, Apple is looking to hire physiologist's to run fitness & energy expenditure tests.  9to5Mac also put together a nice article on the whole iWatch possibility.  Read it hear.

Evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 7.0.5 Released

Click here to download the updated tool and jailbreak a compatible device. I for one am not interested in jailbreaking anymore. How many of you are or will be jailbroken?

Apple is Being Sued for $2 Billion

A patent troll in Germany is suing Apple for using a MANDATORY emergency phone standard. 

"The chip is used to identify mobile phones used by the emergency services in order to give them priority access to networks when they are heavily congested, such as during a major disaster. Carriers can set their networks to block access to all phones in the vicinity of a major emergency other than those identifying themselves as belonging to police and rescue workers. The chip can be included in the circuitry of either a phone or a SIM."

Apple tried to over turn the patent but was not successful. The first court date is set for Feb 11.  9to5Mac via Wall St Journal 

Apple Posts New iPhone Ad 

Filmed on an iPhone 5S

Apple to Open First Store in Brazil

The store will open on February 15th in Rio de Janeiro. Via 9to5Mac

Apple spreading their love to other countries. There is a map in the article that shows where there is an Apple Store. It's amazing that there are so few throughout the rest of the World, yet Apple products are everywhere.  

iPhone 6 Concept Video's

First, 5.5in is way to big, for me. Second, I strongly dislike the "forehead" & "chin" (curve at the top & bottom). Third, illuminated touch ID Ring & Volume buttons grew on me. I did not like them at first but after attaching the video again I am starting to like it. I doubt Apple would do that as it will eat the battery. Here is another concept (images only). Not sure how I fell about this one yet.  

Concrete Block Dragged Across Sapphire iPhone Screen

iWant. This would drastically increase iPhone durability and other reports (see below) indicate that its coming. Via 9to5Mac

Apple Procured Enough Sapphire Crystal Furnaces to Produce 100-200 Million 5 inch iPhone Screens

9to5Mac (killing it this week) has uncovered documentation indicating that Sapphire screens are coming. Read the article for full details. 

Apple Seeds New 10.9.2  to developers

This update comes just one week after the previous seed. There are not many changes as developers are asked to focus on mail, messages, graphics drivers, VoiceOver, VPN, and SMB2. Via MacRumors

iOS 7 Bug Allows You to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without Authorization

A bug in iOS 7.0.4 has been discovered by Bradley Williams, allows anyone with physical access to your device to disable Find My iPhone. Check out the video to see how it works.  MacRumors states they were able to duplicate the bug on a device with no unlock password running iOS 7.0.4. They unable to reproduce the bug in iOS 7.1.  

7.1 is speculated to get here in March. That's not quick enough for security issues.  Another fix as indicated in the article is to have your phone passcode protected.  

Tim Cook Interview with Wall Street Journal

WSJ has a nice interview with the Apple CEO that is well worth the read.   

That's all for this review folks. I hope you found this Week in Review useful. There were a lot things happening. I am excited about the potential iPhone 6 details and new Apple TV content incoming. What excited you the most this week?