iOSDocked EP 78 iLike: Danny's Pick - HiRise Desktop Stand

My iLike for the week is the HiRise desktop stand for iPhone & iPad.  The stand is made from aluminum that is available in black or silver.  I have the silver stand as it matches the flow of Apple products however the black stand is very sleek.  

There are 3 main components to the stand, the base, a support bar and the charging post (thats what I am calling it).  The stand comes with the screws and matching hex key needed for assembly so it doesn't take much time to complete.  Also included with the kit are 3 plastic clips.   These clips vary in depth (to accommodate a variety of cases) and hold the Lightning Cable - the support bar is also adjustable which helps with customizations.

The stand is marketed toward iPhone 5 & iPad mini but it will work with anything that has the lightning port. Only thing I am skeptical on is the iPad Air or 4th gen iPad.  Both fit on the stand, but tapping on the screen can cause it to wobble; if you are just charging then it should be ok. The bottom of the stand has a rubberized grip to keep sliding across your desk to a minimum.  

The only con to this stand comes in regards to the lightning cable. First, you have to supply your own cable. Second, you have to use the cable from Apple. This is due to the adapters being sized for the OEM cable. Some third party cables make the base for the plug thicker and they will not fit in this stand.

Overall the HiRise is a beautiful stand and flows very well with Apple's minimal aesthetic. Assembly is quick and simple. The cost of the stand is $35, and an additional cable, $20, may turn some people away, but I feel it's worth it!  Seriously, who doesn't have multiple lightning cables hanging around?