iOSDocked EP 74 iLike: Danny's Pick - Juicies+ Cables

There are no shortages of 3rd party charging cables on the market. It is not easy making a choice either. You have Apple MfI certified cables that cost a little more, there are Apple cables, and there are the super cheap non certified cables that will work for a short period of time then stop with a software update. Each non Apple cable has a downside. Apple cable's are short in length and are not cheap, normally $20.00. Cheap cables are really cheap and 99% of the time (based on personal experience) fail after a software update. That's where MFI cables come into play and my iLike for the week.  

I came across Juicies+ about a year ago on Kickstarter and pledged $35 which got me 2 early bird cables.  

The cables arrived sometime in August and I was very excited to try them out.

The USB & Lightning ends are made of aluminum.  The cord is wrapped in a woven material that prevents tangling.  

Total length of the cord is 4 feet and comes in your choice of 3 colors: Silver, Black and Gold.  I ordered the gold to match my iPhone 5S because at the time, #goldisbest.  

The lightning housing of the cable is a little thicker then the Apple cable and may not fit all cases for your device.  I was using it with a Lifeproof case and had zero issues with the cord fitting.  

The cables will run you &29.00 but if you follow juicies+ on twitter you can find a coupon code for $6.00 off your purchase.  You can also try this promo to get 20% off, beback20off

The Juicies+ cable if very durable, looks great and is longer then the Apple cord. Those features plus the fact you can get them color matched to your device (yeah, i'm a dork. So what?), make this a hands down winner in my book. Did I mention you can slo get the cable with a micro USB end?

Written by Danny Tammaro.  Follow Danny on Twitter