TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 9/24-10/7

After a week off the Week in Review is back. Let's dive in.

17,000 Macs infected with malware being spread via Reddit

Infected Macs are able to be controlled by the hacker. Apple has updated their database to help protect against the malware.


App Store free app of the week

Photo editing app Fragment is free this week (until Thursday) in the app store.


iOS 8.1 beta seeded to developers

iOS 8.1 contains bug fixes, brings back camera roll, improves HealthKit functionality.


OS X Yosemite goes GM

Apple has seed the GM for Yosemite. There are minor UI tweaks from the previous beta.  Apple generally has a full release 2-3 weeks post GM so be on the look out for the new OS.


Apple going to trial over iTunes DRM

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit in which they are being accused of "locking in" iPod owners to the iTunes store for content. The plaintiffs are seeking 350 Million dollars.


Apple makes it easier to check for activation lock

Apple has built functionality into iCloud.com to check iOS devices for activation lock. You will need the IMEI or serial number to check the status. This is super helpful when buying a used device.


App Store bug recommending inappropriate apps for children

There is a bug in the App Store that is showing apps in the "Kids" section not meant for kids.  


Apple rumored to hold October 16th event

Apple reportedly set to hold their next event on their campus on October 16th. Apple is rumored to announce new iPads and new Macs at the event. We should also see iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite


iOS 8 adoption falls flat

iOS 8 adoption rate is under 50% 2 weeks after launch. The reason for the slow adoption could be related to a failed 8.0.1 update, lack of HealthKit support with 8.0, or because 8.0 is not a major visual refresh. 


iOS 8.1 beta 2 released

Apple has seeded beta 2 of iOS 8.1 to developers. There are a slew of bug fixes and hints of ApplePay coming.  The update should be public in a few weeks. I have updated but have not had much time to play with it yet.  


Thats it for the week. We should be seeing an announcement for the next event soon. Have a great week!