TEKSide Presents: Week in Review: 1/27-2/2

Apple Reports First Quarter Results

On Monday afternoon Apple announced their sales numbers for the 1st quarter:

- 51 Million iPhones sold

- 26 Million iPads sold

- 4.8 Million Macs

- 6 Million iPods sold

- 57.6 Billion in revenue 

- 13.1 Billion in profit

During the call CEO Tim Cook also made the comment "The mobile payments area in general is one that we've been intrigued with," Cook explained. "It was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID"  Wonder what that means...  

Sales of iPhones & iPads are record numbers for the company. iPods have been declining for a while but that is offset by increasing iPad & iPhone sales. I am completely baffled as to why analysis's still feel Apple is failing with record sales numbers and a profit of 13 BILLION DOLLARS.  Source

Top Paid Jailbreak Tweaks

Appadvice.com put together a nice list of paid tweaks for jailbroken devices. They also have a list of free jailbreak tweaks to check out.

I am not running a jailbroken device but if I was there are only a few tweaks I would use.  BiteSMS for quick replying to text messages, 3G unrestrictor so I can bypass Apples 100MB download limit and the tweak that allows you to change the apps available in control center. Share you favorite jailbreak tweaks in the comments or on twitter.

iPhone 6 to Have Sapphire Glass with Solar Charging?

BGR reports (via seeking alpha) that  the next generation iPhone will have sapphire glass with built in solar cells for charging the device. The report says this will be available in the the iPhone 6 and next gen iPod touch.  

Sapphire glass I believe since Apple is opening a manufacturing plant in Arizona. This would make the screens more durable against accidental drops. As for the solar cells, while never running out of power would be nice, would Apple be able to place enough of them into the phone to charge it? Time will tell.

Apple adds Red Bull TV to Apple TV Channel Line Up

Apple TV owners that powered up their devices on Tuesday found a new channel, Red Bull TV. This channel offers live and on demand sporting shows, surfing, skate boarding, mountain biking, not your typical sports.

I am all for more additions to the Apple TV, I for one am waiting for all network TV stations to appear (FOX NBC CBS). I hope Apple figures out a better way to sort through all of the content options.  Hiding unwanted stations can only work for so long.  

Apple TV to be Revamped

9to5Mac reported that Apple is testing the device that combines Apple TV with an AirPort Express, faster A/C wifi, and a built in tuner with capabilities to control your current tv/cable box. They also state that the new Apple TV will focus on gaming.  

I'm interested in seeing how/what Apple can do with the user interface of the hockey puck.  

Russia's Second Largest Carrier to Carry iPhone

Russian carrier Megafon announced a 3 year deal to carry the iPhone. Megaphon hasn't sold the iPhone since 2009. 9to5Mac via Reuters.

Apple has a small market share in Russia so this will help them reach more people.  

Apple Granted Patent for Swappable Camera Lenses for iPhone

The patent was filed for in 2012 and was granted to Apple this week along with numerous other patents. This patent details the iPhone utilizing a magnetic mounting point on the iPhone to attach different accessories to their device. Cult of Mac

Interesting that the filed this in 2012.  Camera improvements are always welcomed. While Apple hasn't offered any camera accessories for the iPhone, companies like Olloclip have. I am looking forward to seeing what Apple does with this, if anything.  

iPhone 5S Camera Beats Out 5 Orther Devices in Blind Test

TUAW points us to a test done by PhoneArena.com comparing the iPhone 5S camera against LG G2, Samsung S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z1 & Xperia Z1 Compact. Just over 34% of the votes went to the iPhone 5S with the Xperia 21 coming in second with just under 18% of the votes.

This test proves that its not just megapixels that make great photographs (iPhone has 8 MP sensor while the Xperia has a 20.7 MP sensor), its a combination of things. iPhone has always has a superior camera in most situations though it could do better with low light.

PayPal wants to Partner with Apple for Mobil Payments

Re/code is reporting PayPal wants in on the rumored payment service from Apple. PayPal is wiling to let Apple apply their design style on the front end while they handle the back end.

“They’re telling them, ‘We’ll do it in the background,” one of these people said. “Basically, it’s just, ‘We want to be a part of this.’”

I have seen in some places, not many, on the swipe terminal you can pay with PayPal. Using Touch ID to approve payment to the credit card linked to your iTunes account would be much easier.

Apple Granted Patent "Sapphire Window" Display for iPhone

It's no secret that Apple is trying to get the Arizona plant running and making sapphire displays ASAP.  They have recently been awarded numerous patents, one happens to be for a Sapphire Display.  The patent details how the process would be done and what would then be done to the "window". USPTO

I am all for making the iPhone more durable and resistive to breaking, less need for a case.I just hope this doesn't affect the cost of the device to the consumer. (Even if it does, I will find a way to be on line come launch day 2014). If Apple does go this rout, I see aftermarket outlet that offer scree replacements taking a big hit.  

Apple Hired Medical Expert, Working on More then iWatch

9to5Mac reports that Michael O'Reilly is focused not only on the rumored iWatch but other projects (not specified) as well. O'Reilly formally worked at Masimo where they developed a pulse oximetry device that connects to the iPhone and reads the current level of oxygen in your blood.

I am really excited to see what Apple has been working on. I have a feeling it is going to be big in healthcare and with this report I am very optimistic.  

Google Sells Motorola to Lenovo

Google sold off most of Motorola to Lenovo for nearly 3 Billion dollars. I said most because Google is retaining the majority to the patents held by Motorola, Lenovo will be licensing them from Google. Source

This is an interesting move. The Moto X, from what I have heard, is a fantastic phone and people had big hopes of Google/Motorola hardware & software integration. It's hard to imagine Lenovo keeping the touch running on this. They haven't done much with the computer brand since they bought it from IBM.  

Apple Releases iOS 7.0.5 for iPhone 5C & 5S in China

This update contains fixes for users having network errors. The update is only for non-US iPhones. Source

Enough of these minor updates, get 7.1 into the publics hand. I have had 1 re-spring since running the beta versions. Speculation is 7.1 will be publicly available in a few more weeks. 

Apple Seeds New Beta for OS X Mavericks

This update comes just a week after the previous seed. 9to5Mac suggests that based on the bold number, a public release is near.

I have not had any issues with the OS but many have. Hopefully this update fixes a lot of them.  Also a major feature coming is FaceTime Audio. I am happy for that.

Apple's iPod Not Dead.... Yet

Multiple job listings on Apple's web site indicate a new iPod is on the way. New Product Operations Program ManagerProduct Quality Manager, and Plastics Tooling Eng. Program Manager, all iPod specific, are three of the job listings posted. Wonder when a new iPod would be released.  It hasn't been updated since 2012, with the exception of a camera-less iPod touch version.  

I personally don't have a need for an iPod. That's why I always get the largest size iPhone available and subscribe to iTunes Match so all of my music is a few taps away. What would you guys like to see in a new iPod?

Facebook Announces "Paper" for iPhone

This new app from Facebook is separate from the Facebook app. They are basically taking your news feed and turning it into a story book. You can swipe through your news feed to see full screen updates, photos and videos. Paper will be available Feb. 3.  Source

Paper seems to be aimed at Flipboard with its swiping through stories flow. Whatever the app does, I hope its better then the normal Facebook app. That thing is terrible.  

iWatch & iOS 8 to be Health & Fitness Focused

Mark Gurnman at 9to5Mac.com has a huge story on the focus of the iWatch & iOS 8. Here are a few excerpts:

"Besides fitness tracking, a marquee feature of “Healthbook” will be the ability to monitor a user’s vital signs.

The application will be able to track a person’s blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, and potentially several other blood-related data points, such as glucose levels, according to our sources."

"Sources have previously indicated that Apple’s wearable computer will have sensors to track and measure aspects of the human body. “Healthbook” could be the conduit for users to read the data that the iWatch will collect. Indeed, sources with knowledge of the iWatch’s development say that the future product is designed to be heavily reliant on the iPhone."

The whole article is interesting. You should definitely read it if you like spoilers. 9to5mac has a great track record for breaking Apple related leaks and news. They complete nailed iOS 7 the night before it was announced so I am confident. Also excited!!

Walter Isaacson Now Backtracking On Previous Statement

A few weeks back, Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs Biographer) said innovation at Apple is dead. This week on Bloomber he reverses course:

"The one thing I will say is innovation is great, but it ain’t everything. It’s not the holy grail. Execution is what really matters, and Apple is the best at execution"

Head hear to watch the whole video. 

This guy needs to zip his mouth. He is just trying to make headlines to stay relevant, same way Steve Wozniak does. Can it already.  

Having Touch ID Issues?

Steve Gibson of the Security Now podcast talks about how to improve Touch ID. Ally Kazmucha of imore.com has a nice write up on how to help improve the success rate of Touch ID.  

I did this and must say that it has improved for me. An area of a finger that wasn't recognized now is.  

MLB set to implement iBeacons for 2014 Season

MLB is working to have20 ballparks have been outfitted with Beacons by opening day. The iBeacons will help fans find their seats, alert them to the closest concession stand, special offers and more. Hit the source for full details. Source

This was demoed last year at Citi Field and it looks promising. It's not always easy to find something at certain stadiums so improving this for fans will make them happy. Happy fans equal repeat visit!

Thats it for the week in review. What stories did you find the most interesting to you?