iOSDocked EP 59 iLike: Danny's Pick - Grid-It Cocoon

Do you have a lot of cables that you carry around in your bag? Are they cluttering your bag and making it a mess? That was happening to me very often. Enter Grid-It by Cocoon. Grid-It is a fantastic solution to your organization troubles. I have the Large Grid-It, 12x9, but there are various sizes available.  

The Grid is comprised of rubberized elastic bands that are weaved together enabling a ton of configurations to hold your stuff.  There is also a pouch on the back that allows you to store your iPad or other similar sized device.  

Here's a list of what I carry with me: 30 Pin USB cord, Lightning Cord, 30 Pin to Lightning adapter, 1 Micro USB cords, 2 Mini USB cords, 4 port USB hub, Mophie Powerstation mini, Ear Pods, Square credit card reader, 10 watt USB wall adapter, a memory card reader, a pen and 3 in 1 USB cord - 30 Pin/Lightning/Micro USB.

The bands do a great job at holding times in place. The video is from Cocoon's site but I have tried shaking things lose and they don't budge.

The Grid-It is a must have if your bag is flowing with cables and unorganized. They are affordable, durable and available in various sizes. The hardest decision you will need to make is how to sort everything. You will have to play around with your configuration to make the most of the Grid-It.  The image above was not my first try nor will it be my last.