Game Center Showdown: Pivvot

This weeks Game Center Showdown in Pivvot by Whitaker Trebella. This is probably the best game chosen since I have started writing for iPhonaddict. Pivviot is described by the developer as "A thrilling game of strategic avoidance" The goal of Pivvot is to guide your orb down a winding path while trying to avoid hitting any objects.  

There are two games modes to start with; Voyage and Endless. Voyage mode is your training mode. You are guided through the different obstacles that you will encounter in the other modes. Completing Voyage mode will unlock Expert Voyage.

Endless mode is exactly that. This is where you take what you learned from Voyage and apply it. The path moves faster the longer you stay alive. Reaching a goal of 100 seconds (not easy) you will unlock Expert Endless.

The expert modes are more intense then the normal modes and offer up new challenges. Completing the expert modes will unlock Berserk mode. Berserk mode is described as "The ultimate challenge: chaotic, frenzied, and unrelenting"

Controls are simple to use. Tapping on the bottom left and right areas of the screen will rotate your orb. The tricky part is rotating the orb while moving in different directions and avoiding obstacles. The game also includes a soundtrack that works very well with the gameplay. I enjoy the music but others around you may not so I recommend using headphones while playing.   

Other features: 

  • iCloud sync for multiple devices
  • No In App Purchase
  • Game Center & Facebook score sharing
  • Universal App
  • Share replays of your game to Twitter, Facebook or email

Pivvot is a fun game that is never has the same pattern that will keep you occupied for a while.  With a great soundtrack and always changing environment this is a must have.  Check out the video below for some gameplay action and some images from the game.  Make sure you take a screenshot of your high score and post it to twitter with the #GameCenterShowdown to see how you compare to the iOSDocked crew.   Don't forget to tweet @iOSDocked with some of your suggestion for a Game Center Showdown.  

 Pivvot $2.99 

Written by Danny Tammaro. You can follow Danny on Twitter, AppDotNet, or Google+