Game Center Showdown: Groove Racer

Who remembers Scaletrix? You know, the electronic race car game from the 80's??  No? Well you are missing out. Out Fit 7 Ltd. has taken that concept and modernized it.  The result is Groove Racer, a tiny car racing game. The graphics and sound tracks are good and gameplay is simple.  You are a tiny race car on the track and the goal is to complete the assigned laps in the lowest time possible.  

Much like the childhood game, Groove Racer only requires the use of one finger to control your car. Tapping on the screen will accelerate and letting go will decelerate.  There is an option called Easy Mode. When enabled, the game will assist you with braking and limits your speed. When disabled there is no brake assistance or speed limitation. Although the gameplay seems easy there are a few tricks. There are turns and cross overs that will derail you if you are going too fast, adding precious seconds to the clock. That hurts when the goal is to have the lowest time possible.  Groove Racer has 10 cars with 66 tracks available and the developer said there are more coming.

Groove Racer is universal and free. There are ads in the game that can be removed for $2.99. This game is a great way to stay busy and is better when you are competing against your friends via Game Center. Get to downloading and remember to follow iOSDocked on twitter and add #GameCenterShowdown when posting your score to see how you compare against the rest of the crew.

Written by Danny Tammaro. You can follow Danny on Twitter,  AppDotNet,  or Google+