iOSDocked - EP049 - 1000 Percent Right/i-Like EasilyDo

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was EasilyDo for iPhone. EasilyDo handles my mundane and repetitive tasks for me so that I can spend my time on more important things. Here are some examples of how I use EasilyDo:

  • Send Happy Birthday greetings to Facebook friends. 
  • Easily track my packages. 
  • Send a text message to my wife as I leave work to let her know I'm coming home.  
  • Merge duplicate contact information. 
  • Update profile photos when a contacts updates their Facebook profile. 
  • Send a copy of all my email receipts to Evernote.  

And so much more....

Download EasilyDo in the App Store for FREE! and let me know how you are using EasilyDO by commenting below.