Game Center Showdown: Osmos

This weeks Game Center Showdown was chosen by Clay Russell.  Osmos is a survival game that takes place in space. You start as a tiny orb and you have to absorb smaller ones becoming the largest. You start the game with a few tutorial levels to learn the gameplay. To move your orb just tap in the opposite direction you want to move. If you want to go up, tap below the orb. If you want to go left, tap to the right of the orb. The faster yo tap the faster you will move. Every tap will cause you to expel some of your orb, making you smaller. Tapping too many times will make you small, fast, and more susceptible to being absorbed by larger orbs.  Each level requires patience and strategy.  

Game Features:

  • An electronic soundtrack that I actually find to be relaxing
  • Eight level types that require different strategy
  • Two gameplay modes: Arcade & Odyssey. Odyssey consists of 27 guided levels, Arcade allows you to chose level type & difficulty
  • Multi-touch controls
  • 13 achievements  
  • Game Center integration


Osmos is available in the App Store for $2.99 and is definitely worth it.  Don't forget to check in on the action with Twitter by following iOSDocked and searching #gamecentershowdown. The iOSDocked crew has decided to let the listeners choose the next game so be sure to tweet the game you would like to see featured for the next podcast.