iOSDocked - EP048 - Trash or Treasure/i-Like TeeVee for iPhone

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was TeeVee for iPhone.  TeeVee offers a beautiful layout of upcoming television shows in order of next episode with a countdown in the upper right corner letting you know when the wait will be over. Aside from that, this app gives you even more details about your favorite shows including cast, episode summaries, episode listings and trailers. The app gives you the ability to set up custom notification reminders as well so that you never miss a show. However, there are opportunities for this app to improve. The show name is not displayed on the main view as it assumes any fan of the show will be able to discern what show is what based off the panoramic image represented. Also, the app is currently only available on iPhone. Finally, no cloud sync options may be a killer for some. There is active development and we have heard that updates are on the way to  put some of these concerns to rest. You can get TeeVee in the App Store for the fair and reasonable price of $0.99.